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Shotokan Training

Training Shotokan karate will increase your strength, muscle tone, and endurance; while developing more flexibility and building better balance, coordination and concentration. Our beginner classes are designed for people who have no prior experiences in martial arts. 

The key to the Shotokan style of Karate is that it teaches simple punching, kicking and blocking techniques attached to low and stable stances to give the each technique strength and power.  All of these techniques are taught through a 3 pronged approach of Kata (formal exercises or forms), Kihon (repetitive basic techniques or combinations) and Kumite (partner‑work or sparring)

While there are more than 25 different Kata practiced in Shotokan Karate.  Students learn these Kata in an organized manner; usually learning one new Kata each 3 months.  The first six Kata contain 20 to 25 movements each; while some of the more advanced Kata contain up to 70 movements. 

A goal of martial arts training is for your body to do techniques by relying on neuromuscular facilitation (muscle memory).  Kihon exercises developed this ability through repeated practicing of the techniques.

By using proscribed partner‑work and sparring drills, you are able to safely match your techniques against those techniques of an opponent. It can be fun and exciting to watch your technique's effectiveness develop as you train.

Upcoming Events

Next Training
Tuesday - 30 October 2018
Student Activities Center 147
Auburn University

Thursday - 1 November 2018
Student Activities Center 147
Auburn University

JKA/AF National, Collegiate & Goodwill Karate Championship
Saturday - 10 November 2018
New Orleans, LA

Auburn University Fall 2018 Belt Test
Thursday - 29 November 2018
Student Activities Center 147
Auburn University

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