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Atomic/Spectroscopic Physics

It was the study of atoms that led to the development of quantum mechanics and the birth of modern physics in the first half of this century and atomic physics continues to be a fertile field for unrevealing the elementary laws of nature. Our current research efforts in the Department of Physics at Auburn University seek a better understanding of the quantal dynamics of atoms and molecules when perturbed by interactions with photons, electrons, and atomic ions. Basic research advances in the Department are then applied to many general science areas: collisional and radiative processes in astrophysical and laboratory plasmas, the dynamics of cold atom gases and condensates, and exploring the interface of quantal and classical dynamics.

Group Members

Michael S. Pindzola Michael S. Pindzola Electron-ion Scattering
Multiphoton Processes
Proton-Atom Scattering
Relativistic Interactions
Theoretical Atomic Physics
Eugene Oks Eugene Oks Plasma Spectroscopy
Laser Physics
Nonlinear & Chaotic Phenomena
in Microscopic Systems
Theoretical Atomic, Laser & Plasma Physics
Francis Robicheaux Francis Robicheaux Time Dependent Atomic Phenomena
Electron Scattering
Highly Excited (Rydberg) Atoms
Formation of Cold AntiHydrogen
Theoretical Atomic Physics
Stuart Loch Stuart Loch Numerical Simulation
Electron-ion Scattering
Multiphoton Processes
Relativistic Interactions
Theoretical Atomic Physics
Allen Landers Allen Landers

Interactions Between Ionizing Radiation & Gas-Phase Matter

Momentum Imaging

Experimental Atomic and Molecular Physics
Michael Fogle
Michael Fogle

Interactions of Ions, Electrons and Photons with Atoms and Molecules

Experimental Atomic & Molecular Physics

Theoretical Atomic Physics

Experimental Plasma Spectroscopy

Experimental AMO/COLTRIMS Group

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