How to File a Report

What to Report: Auburn University's system is designed to accept reports related to financial matters/use of funds and related ethical matters and for NCAA violations. Other reports should be redirected to the appropriate department as noted below.

Reports NOT accepted via the EthicsPoint hotline service include the following:

EthicsPoint™ should not be used for immediate threats to life or property. These types of reports should be directed to 911.

How to File a Report: Reporting is as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Access EthicsPoint™ to report
  2. Complete a report
  3. Follow-up 10 business days later

EthicsPoint™ is carefully designed to maintain your confidentiality and anonymity at every step. Step-by-step instructions guide you to help ensure that you do not inadvertently compromise its safeguards.

Step 1: Access EthicsPoint to report:  Use any one of these three convenient channels of communication.

Auburn University Internal Auditing Web SiteAny Computer with Internet AccessToll-Free Phone
Click on the EthicsPoint icon on the Internal Auditing web site. You will automatically be linked to the EthicsPoint secure Web site. Once there, click on "File a Report."From any computer having Internet access (home, public library, neighbor, etc.), go to and click on "File a Report".Call EthicsPoint's toll-free hotline at 1-866-294-4871. A compliance specialist will assist you in entering your report into the EthicsPoint system.

Step 2: Complete a Report:
Following the on-screen or compliance specialist's instructions please complete a report, being as thorough as you can.

  1. Specify what kind of report you'd like to make from the available choices.
  2. Please read or listen to the anonymity information very carefully. It helps to ensure that you do not compromise your identity during the reporting process. Click on or say ''I agree.''
  3. You will now complete the report, providing information about the incident, including:
    *Who: persons engaged in the incident, including titles;
    *What: what specifically occurred;
    *Where: the location of the incident; and
    *When: the time and duration of the incident.
  4. Next, you will be asked to create a password. Then the EthicsPoint system will generate an identification code called a ''Report Key.'' Write them both down, and keep them in a safe place. You will need them to follow-up later, or if you ever want to review or amend your report.

Step 3: Follow-Up 10 Business Days Later: Ten business days after you complete your report, please return to the EthicsPoint system to see if the university has any follow-up questions or requests.

  1. Reconnect with the EthicsPoint system using any of the three channels of communication: AU Internal Auditing, Public Internet, or Toll-Free Phone.
  2. This time click on (or ask to perform) a Follow-Up.
  3. Provide your Report Key and Password.
  4. You can now elect to review report details, respond to questions, and add information.
    *To review your report, just click ''Review Report Details'' or ask the compliance specialist.
    *You will be told if the University has entered questions about your report. Answer the questions verbally or by typing in the question boxes and click ''Submit''.
    *You can add information to the report verbally or by using the ''Submit New Information'' box.
  5. If you have agreed to participate in an EthicsChatSM , click ''Chat About This Report'' at the specified time. Type your comments into the field at the bottom of the window and click ''Submit.''
    *An EthicsChatSM is a real-time communication between you and a university representative to clarify details and answer questions. Like the rest of the EthicsPoint system, it is confidential and anonymous.
  6. You may return regularly to review your report, answer questions, and add information.

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Last Updated: March 20, 2018