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Case In Point: Lessons for the proactive manager

This edition of Case in Point marks the completion of twelve years of publication. I have often made the comment in the December issue about how fast the year has gone. The end of the year seemed to creep up quickly, but it also feels as though this year has gone on forever. We have all dealt with risks we didn't envision a year ago, but 2021 holds promise that perhaps normalcy will come. We can hope, and we can continue to do our best to achieve our mission at our respective institutions under these unusual circumstances.

We have had continued growth this year (7.5% in fact) with new readers across the United States and from international institutions as well. We hope that we are helping improve higher education in some small way with our efforts. In the December issue, it has become my tradition to remind our readers of why we do this each month. It is always a good way to conclude the year.

CIP's Primary Goal

Our goal has always been very simple: we believe it's cheaper to proactively manage risk than to react and remediate crises from risk management failures. We provide an overview that allows you to scan the news events occurring throughout our industry each month and ask yourself, ''How can I prevent this from happening here?'' If you realize you have a similar high risk exposure at your institution from this review, you can do something to proactively reduce the risk. What that ''something'' is will depend on the risk, your role, and many other factors; however, doing nothing is a dangerous thing in the world in which we now operate. Our larger goal is to help develop risk-intelligent institutions. We should note that we are not anti-risk. Risk is always going to be with us in life, but we can consider risk and be wise in the actions we take. This is important because any money we spend on remediation, settlements, and investigations is money we aren't spending on education, research, and outreach.

As a reminder, you can also see select articles throughout the month if you follow us on twitter: @AUOACP. We now invite you to review the events of the past month with a view toward proactively managing risk at your institution. We hope you all have a Happy New Year and we will see you in 2021.

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Last Updated: January 22, 2020