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November 2019

It is hard to believe that we are fast approaching the end of 2019. In the USA, we end the month of November with my favorite holiday of the year – Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving may be my favorite holiday because the primary requirements are to eat great food and watch football. It is also good to think about the things we are thankful for during this season, one of which is you, our readers.

We never imagined when we began publishing Case in Point over ten years ago, that this publication would eventually have subscribers coast to coast (in the USA), and now internationally in multiple counties. We appreciate your interest, and our goal is to help you be successful in carrying out the mission of higher education.

Our mission in this industry is noble when you think about it. We have the opportunity to change lives for the better through education, research, and outreach to our communities. It is very important that we use our resources for this noble mission. Unfortunately, the headlines you see here each month usually mean that institutional resources are being directed away from our mission and into things like investigations, attorney's fees, fines, and the like. Our underlying philosophy in Case in Point is that proactive prevention of problems is less expensive than becoming the headline. The secondary philosophy is that whatever is happening at other institutions may also be happening at your institution.

That is why we suggest you do three things each month with this publication. First, scan the articles and read in depth those that apply to your area of leadership. Second, honestly consider whether you may have a similar issue that could become a headline. Lastly, do something to proactively reduce risk and keep funds on the mission.

It is really a very simple philosophy but one that often gets lost in the busyness of our daily activities. We again invite you to review the issues across our industry with a view toward preventing problems and staying on mission at your institution.

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Last Updated: September 13, 2019