This Is Auburn Office of Audit, Compliance & Privacy

OACP Staff Roster

PDF Version of OACP Organizational Chart

The Associate Vice President for the Office of Audit, Compliance & Privacy reports functionally to the Audit and Compliance Committee of the Auburn University Board of Trustees and for administrative purposes to the Office of the University President.

Office of the Associate Vice President

Photo of Kevin Robinson
M. Kevin Robinson
Associate Vice President
Office of Audit, Compliance & Privacy
Photo of Lindsey Elkins
Lindsey Elkins
Executive Assistant
Photo of Sarah Savage
Sarah Savage
Communications Editor

Division of Internal Auditing

Photo of Stacey Walker
Stacey Walker, CPA
Director, Internal Auditing
Photo of Mary Krauss
Mary Krauss
Info. Sys. Audit Manager
Photo of Hayden Pangle
Hayden Pangle Waites, CPA
Senior Auditor
Photo of Mary Ann MacKenzie
Mary Ann MacKenzie, CPA
Senior Auditor
Photo of Jessica Thompson
Jessica Thompson, CPA
Senior Auditor
Photo of Ashley Hamberlin
Ashley F. Hamberlin
Associate Auditor
Photo of Robert Royston
Robert Royston, CIA
Associate Auditor
Photo of Jeremy Peacock
Jeremy Peacock, CISA, EnCE
Info. Systems Auditor

Division of Institutional Compliance & Privacy

Photo of Robert Gottesman
Robert W. Gottesman
Director, Institutional Compliance & Privacy
Photo of Ronda Lacey
Ronda Lacey, J.D.
Compliance Manager
HIPAA Privacy Officer
Photo of Ronda Lacey
Kristin Roberts, J.D.
Compliance Manager
Conflicts of Interest

Office of Research Security Compliance

Photo of Tony Navora
Tony Novara
Not available yet
Dan Emmett
Allan Farmer
Allan Farmer, CISSP, GCFE, GPEN
Information System Security Manager
Photo of Deborah Williams
Deborah Williams
Specialist, Research Security Programs
Photo of Michael Massey
Michael Massey
Specialist, Export Control

Last Updated: January 22, 2020