House of Representatives


Will Ainsworth
District 27

Alan Baker
District 66

Elaine Beech
District 65

Bob Fincher
District 37

Craig Ford
District 28

Victor Gaston
Speaker Pro Tempore, District 100

Lynn Greer
District 2

Mike Hill
District 41

Mike Hubbard
Speaker of the House, District 79

Ronald G. Johnson
District 33

Thad McClammy
District 76

Mary Sue McClurkin
District 43

Stephen A. McMillan
District 95

Barry Moore
District 91

Becky Nordgren
District 29

Mark Tuggle
District 81

Isaac Whorton
District 37




Billy Beasley
District 28

Gerald Dial
District 13

Del Marsh
District 9

Clay Scofield
District 9

Larry Stutts
District 6

Jabo Waggoner
District 16

Tom Whatley
District 27


Constitutional Officers


Kay Ivey
Lieutenant Governor

John McMillan
Agriculture and Industries

Twinkle Andress Cavanaugh
Public Service Commission, Place 1

N. Gunter Guy
Conservation Commissioner

Maj. Gen. Perry Smith
The Adjutant General

Lee Sentell
Tourism Director



Not Pictured



Michael F. Sparks
Forensic Sciences


Last Updated: May 3, 2016