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1968 was tumultuous by any standard.  The My Lai massacre in Vietnam took place on March 16.  A few weeks later, on April 04, Martin Luther King was assassinated.  Then, on June 05, Robert Kennedy was shot and died a day later.  Colleges and universities have traditionally been refuges from the world’s turbulence.  But, in those years, the turbulence rolled onto their campuses.  Questions of what Americans valued and how Americans should adjust to a world in tumult could not be left to court chambers, legislative bodies, or quiet seminar rooms.  They were being battled out in the streets. 

In October, Buckminster Fuller created his own turmoil on the Auburn campus when he delivered the first Franklin Lecture (to become the Littleton-Franklin Lectures decades later) and gave the Auburn community one of its earliest introductions to the unsettled relationship of human beings to their environment. More

Dr. Christoph Schroeder


“Challenges on the Way to Automated Driving”

TUESDAY, Oct. 10, 2017 @ 4:00 PM

Langdon Hall


Several major automobile manufacturers and several non-automobile corporations (including Google and Uber) are developing self-driving vehicles.   They are convinced such vehicles are the wave of the future and that the technological difficulties in the way can be addressed successfully.  Several envisage vehicles without steering wheels or foot controls.  Mercedes-Benz is working to develop such a vehicle.   It is our great good fortune that Mercedes Benz’s Director for Vehicle Intelligence, Dr. Christoph Schroeder, will visit Auburn and discuss its projects.  


Dr. Schroeder has a degree in computer engineering, an MBA in technology management, and a PhD.   After completing his training in 2012, he joined Bosch to work on highly automated driving projects.   In 2016, he joined Mercedes-Benz and is now Director for Vehicle Intelligence and is in charge of directing its program to develop self-driving cars. 






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