Faculty Recruitment Information

Preparation of Position Announcement

The following format is to be utilized by the search committee as it drafts the position announcement for placement in printed and online media.  The format contains many “should” and “could” statements, as well as several “suggestions.”  Those items are solely within the purview of the Dean, who may advise the Department Head/Chair and search committee that some or all of those “should, could and suggestion” statements are requirements for the position announcement.
It is understood that for certain advertising venues, a very condensed posting may be prepared, while for others, the posting may be expanded.  The Provost strongly suggests using a descriptive print advertisement when you recruit for tenure-track positions. If a foreign national is hired and the department wants to sponsor this faculty member for permanent residency, one of the requirements is advertising in print format in a national professional publication. The ad must state the job title, job duties and job requirements. This print ad should be run at the beginning of the search in order to avoid future advertising for a Test of the Labor Market. The style in which the posting is written, font size and type of print utilized, and information concerning the department, the college/school, the university, or the community are at the discretion of the Dean.

Heading:  This would include the discipline in which the vacancy exists and the position title.  The position title indicated in the position announcement must match exactly the position title approved on the PROV100, Part A.
Introduction:  Sample – The Department of Art at Auburn University, located in Auburn, Alabama, invites applications for a tenure-track position as an Assistant Professor in Studio Arts to begin Fall Semester 2009.
If the posting is for a visiting faculty or other temporary appointment, the term of the appointment should be included.  If an option exists to extend the term of the original appointment beyond what is stated in the posting, that information should also be included.  For limited term research position only, the term of appointment may be omitted from the ad, with the understanding that such information will be made clear to applicants selected for interview.
The following statement must be included in all postings: 
Women and Minorities are Encouraged to Apply
This statement may be included at any point in the posting; however, to emphasize Auburn’s commitment to diversity, it is suggested that this statement be included in the introductory portion of the posting.  The statement may be put in bold type, capital letters, or emphasized in some other manner at the discretion of the Dean.

Responsibilities:  This could include specific course(s) to be taught, course load, research expectations, outreach activities, advising, departmental service, etcetera.

Requirements/Qualifications:  All postings must include a statement of minimal education and experience requirements.  The terminal degree is the minimum educational requirement for tenure-track faculty positions.  If a doctorate is the terminal degree but ABDs will be considered, the posting must contain a statement to that effect.  The acceptable discipline(s) in which the terminal degree is held must be included in the posting.  If a professional degree or other certification is required, the posting must contain a statement to that effect.  If only candidates with specific types of research and/or instructional experience will be considered, that must be stated in the posting.  Any desirable/preferred qualification which will be considered in the applicant review process must be stated in the posting.
The following statement must be included in all postings:
The candidate selected for this position must be able to meet eligibility requirements to work in the United States at the time the appointment is scheduled to begin and continue working legally for the proposed term of employment; excellent communication skills required.

Application Process:  This would include documents to be submitted in the application packet, which may include a cover memo, curriculum vita, transcripts, letters of reference, and any other appropriate materials as determined by the search committee.  The address to which applications should be submitted and the date review of applications will begin should be indicated.  A minimum of six weeks from the date of the posting appears in all venues should provide sufficient time for interested applicants to respond.

While a closing date for receipt of application may be included, this is not advised.  A statement that review of applicants will continue until a successful candidate has been identified may be more beneficial to the recruiting unit; however, such a statement is not required.

For More Information:  This may include a phone number, FAX number, email address, and/or a web site address.

Closing:  The following statement must be included:
Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer

Note: In a department initiating multiple searches, a single position announcement may be utilized; however, the announcement must be carefully drafted and must be specific regarding the number and type of available positions.  Individual PROV100 forms and AA/EEO forms will be required for each position for which the department is recruiting.

Additional Information for the Advertisement:

This is the most recent text for advertising purposes - it is optional, but these are the most recent figures. Also, please use the logo illustrated on the following page which is the approved logo for advertising (do not use the interlocking AU initials)  It is available electronically upon request.

“Auburn University is one of the nation's premier land, sea, and space grant institutions. In the 2012 edition of the U.S. News and World Report ratings of undergraduate programs, it was ranked 36th among public universities. Auburn is an institution that is both highly research-active and committed to maintaining teaching excellence offering Bachelor's, First Professional, Master's, Educational Specialist, and Doctor's degrees. Its 2011 enrollment of over 25,400 students includes approximately 20,400 undergraduates, and 5,000 graduate students. There are 1,196 faculty members distributed across nine Colleges and three Schools, with degrees offered in more than 200 academic programs.”

Last Updated: February 1, 2012