Faculty Recruitment Manual

Conduct On-Campus Interview

The search committee will determine the activities in which the applicants to be interviewed will participate.  Such activities will include meetings with faculty within the department, the Department Head/Chair, and the Dean.  A seminar or other presentation may be required.  Social activities may be scheduled.  The search committee has some leeway in establishing the agenda for the on-campus interview, but the agenda for each applicant to be interviewed must be the same, and each applicant must be fully advised of the search committee’s expectations prior to arriving for the interview.

If a requirement for graduate transcripts was not included in the initial application process, the search committee must obtain transcripts of graduate work completed and of professional degree work, if required, from those applicants selected for interview.

If the search committee is interviewing a foreign national this would be the time to request a prevailing wage determination from the Office of International Education.

Welcome Information for Candidates:  (some suggestions as a start)

Latest copy of The Plainsman
Chamber of Commerce Information
Auburn University Brochures
College/Departmental Newsletter/Brochure
Promotion and Tenure Information (for tenure-track positions)
Business cards from those who meet individually with the candidate

Bottle of water


Last Updated: February 1, 2012