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Graduate Teaching and Research Assistantships

     Students will usually begin their graduate career as Teaching Assistants.  When the student begins research in earnest,  a research assistantship will usually be offered, however, when this is not available, the teaching assistantship may be extended.  Financial stipends are provided for both teaching and research assistants. The stipend is $22,270 per year to be increased to $23,270 on 1 October 2017. In addition, a Master’s student who is either a teaching or research assistant is allowed 33 hours (30-hour degree program) graduate-level hours without paying tuition.  For the Ph.D student who is either a teaching or research assistant, 66 hours (60-hour degree program) are allowed.
Teaching assistants will lead laboratory/activity classes in the 1000- and 2000-level introductory physics courses. In addition to helping the Department discharge it's vital teaching mission, the experience is invaluable for the student, both in assisting in the mastering of the concepts of basic physics and in preparing for future employment.

     You can apply for admission and a teaching assistantship by completing the following steps:
1) Send the following information directly to the Physics Department, i.e.,
                                            Physics Department
                                            Attn: Graduate Applications
                                            206 Allison Lab
                                            Auburn University
                                            Auburn, AL 36849

      a) undergraduate or graduate transcripts
      b) 3 letters of recommendation.  There is no form for these letters.  We will
            also accept them via email to
2) Have GRE scores sent to Auburn University.
3) Complete our 
on-line application.
It is not necessary to apply directly to the Graduate School on the Auburn University web site.  We will do that for you and pay the application fee.

     Once we have received your application material, we will invite qualified domestic students to visit our campus at our expense.   

Last Updated: 03/28/2017