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Tuesday, November 12, 2019


COSAM Researchers are Recipients of $440,000+ Grant to Study Aging, Develop New Vertebrate Model and Train 50 Undergraduate Students

“This grant allows us to study the entire life span of brown anole lizards that will provide a new model for aging to complement the current research using standard vertebrate biomedical models, mice and zebrafish,” explained Dr. Schwartz. Learn more about this grant.


Alumni Spotlight – Emergency Medicine and the Courtroom

“Auburn University is where my medical education started. I received a fantastic science foundation from Auburn that allowed me to do well in medical school and become a physician,” Dr. Mallory said. Find out more about this entrepreneur who started his own company


COSAM Senior Plans to Pass Science Knowledge on Through Teaching

“Once you get to that junior and senior level and start to dial in on your field of study, you really learn so much,” Todd shared. “It was work struggling through those larger classes. The classes I have taken through COSAM have been the most knowledgably rewarding.” Learn more about this outstanding COSAM student


Game Day Hero: Al Lugo

"It was a very humbling experience to get to share it with my daughter and my friends and family," Lugo said. "It was very touching to see all those veterans out there." Read more about this Game Day Hero.


Auburn’s Davis Arboretum Treated Families with Bones and Boos

Bones and Boos was an event filled with eerie displays of bones from various animals, including whale ribs and rhinoceros’ legs. Check out a video and learn more about this spooky event.  


2019 Lilly-Lovelace Distinguished Service Awards Recognizes Outstanding Employees

“The COSAM Lilly-Lovelace Distinguished Service Awards were expanded this year so that we could recognize more employees for their dedication and service to the college,” explained Dean Nicholas J. Giordano. “COSAM is committed to finding ways to celebrate our employees, and these awards encourage all of us to excel through representing COSAM with exceptional service.” Find out more


Engineering a Virtual Experience for Auburn University Students Taking Astronomy

Undergraduate students are elevating the Auburn experience and helping the next generation learn about astronomy by engaging them in the classroom with virtual reality headsets. See how four students are creating an app that allows students to view thousands of stars on a perfect night no matter what the weather conditions might be

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