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Tuesday, August 06, 2019


Message from Dean Giordano – August 2019

In this month's message from Dean Giordano, learn how COSAM continues to focus on creating a solid foundation for its students. Read about ways COSAM is helping students become successful and prepare for bright futures.


Jordan Harshman Receives First NSF Grant

“High school teachers and college professors of chemistry classes have to spend large amounts of time to search literature to find assessment tools or even create their own,” Dr. Harshman shared. “This NSF grant collaboration will allow us to put the best online instruments for assessment in one convenient place with open access for all educators.” Find out more about Dr. Harshman's first NSF grant


Students are Ready for Success with Plainsmen’s Prep

Students began the Plainsmen's Prep Program this week. This intensive program helps students improve their math course placement scores. Check out more about this important program from the Office of Academic Support.


Auburn Professors Offer Explanation for Viral Math Equation

Two COSAM math professors had a chance to share their insight on a viral math question last week. ICYMI - check out their explanation on 8 ÷ 2(2+2) = ?


Remembering The Extension Cottage

Before the Sciences Center complex was constructed, “The Extension Cottage” had a long history at Auburn University as home to agricultural offices, extension specialists, and the Dean’s Office for COSAM. Learn more about the history of this facility.



Allison Laboratory Building Demolition

Did you miss the demolition of the Fred Allison Laboratory Building? If so, you can watch a quick video and see the building as it was being demolished.

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