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Tuesday, July 23, 2019


Physics Graduate Student Conducts Experiment in France with the International Space Station

Imagine being a graduate student and working with the International Space Station (ISS). That is exactly what Lori Scott is doing this week. Learn about this exceptional graduate student in the Department of Physics who is currently in France interacting with Russian cosmonauts aboard the ISS.


Summer Bridge Students Showcase Research at Closing Ceremony

Students participating in the Summer Bridge program conducted research in groups and prepared posters. These students had an opportunity to present their research and talk about the methods they used as well as what they learned. Find out more about their projects and the role the Summer Bridge program played in expanding their perspectives.


Auburn University Students Uncover More Than 50 Potential Unmarked Graves at Historic African-American Cemetery

Students made a direct impact in the lives of our community and are helping to preserve the past. Read about a project that took students out of the classroom and helped locate unmarked graves at Hopewell United Methodist Church in Opelika, Alabama.


Vulcan Materials Company Donates $5,000

Thank you to Vulcan Materials Company for donating money for student scholarships. Learn more.


COSAM Welcomes Families to 2019 Camp War Eagle

Hundreds of incoming COSAM students participated in this year's Camp War Eagle. Check out a photo album of students and their parents at this year's camps.


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