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Tuesday, May 21, 2019


COSAM Leaders Reunite at A-Day

“COSAM Leaders go everywhere, even space,” shared Dr. Larry Wit, professor emeritus and former associate dean of academic affairs. “Real thumbprints of COSAM Leaders were part of a mission to space with Auburn Astronaut Jim Voss.” Read more about the COSAM Leaders Reunion and how they shared memories of stuffing Dr. Wit’s bug and even found lifelong love


COSAM Professor is the 2019 AES Mid-Career Achievement Award Recipient

“With core expertise in analytical chemistry, we focus our efforts on developing fast, tiny, bioanalytical tools to study cells important in diabetes, obesity, and metabolic syndrome. This work—and awards that come from it—wouldn’t be possible without strong support from the department, from the college, from Auburn University, and from funding agencies like the NIH and NSF. I am very grateful for this support and for the recognition from the AES Electrophoresis Society,” explained Dr. Easley. Find out more about the impact this award recipient makes at COSAM.


Assistant Professor Thi-Thao-Phuong Hoang Researches Numerical Methods for Engineering and Environmental Applications

“When I interviewed at COSAM, I genuinely liked how the college and the Department of Mathematics and Statistics support their faculty to be successful in their career and to conduct research in a collaborative environment with interdisciplinary faculty,” Dr. Hoang explained. Check out this new faculty member in this COSAM Faculty Focus.


COSAM Crowns Faculty and Staff Campaign Winners

COSAM expressed appreciation to each department for participation in the recent COSAM Faculty and Staff Campaign with the Department of Biological Sciences having the highest percentage of participation. Learn more about the importance of this campaign.


COSAM’s Office of Information Technology Implementing Two New Services

COSAM IT staff are working on new services including a new Virtual Desktop Infrastructure solution and a major storage research platform. “This next-generation research storage platform will allow faculty to store large quantities of research data on-campus and will be automatically replicated to an off-site data center,” COSAM IT Director Joshua Jones added. “It is a safer, more reliable storage configuration.” Find out more about these projects.


COSAM Alumna Focuses on Research and Development with 3D Printing

“I always felt surrounded by people that believed in me and now looking back, that was truly all I needed to succeed and do well,” Sarah Jo explained. “When you have mentors that truly show they are invested in you and your future, it makes it easy and that is what I experienced in COSAM.” See more about the achievements of this alumna.


COSAM Advisor Wins NACADA’s Outstanding New Advisors Award

Katy Crider is the recipient of NACADA’s Outstanding New Advisors Award – Primary Advising Role. Find out more about Katy, a COSAM advisor and recipient of this national award.

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