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Tuesday, April 02, 2019


Message from Dean Giordano – April 2019

COSAM has been working steadily to implement long-term improvements throughout the entire college. During March, COSAM offered town hall meetings for all employees and interactive activities for supervisors and non-supervisors. This fall, COSAM will provide additional activities for graduate student mentors to gain new skills. A newsletter with human resources-related information is now distributed electronically with helpful information for everyone. Both faculty and staff can also sign up online to be a COSAM Champion or submit an anonymous suggestion online. Read more about the efforts at COSAM in this month’s message from Dean Giordano.  

Dr. Kimberly X. Mulligan-Guy Promoted to COSAM Assistant Dean

“I’m going to continue doing the work that I’ve always been doing,” she said. “I don’t think very much is going to change as far as that goes. I’ve treated this position like the possibilities were endless if they pushed our inclusion and diversity efforts, so I’ll treat being the assistant dean for Inclusion, Equity and Diversity the same way.” Learn more about this new COSAM Assistant Dean.


COSAM Faculty Focus – Melissa Halford

“I like to be able to explain how things work,” explained Halford. “Physics gives you an incredible opportunity to apply familiar techniques to solve complex problems. The same tools we use here on Earth also help us understand the very different conditions that exist in space.” Read more about Dr. Melissa Halford in this COSAM Faculty Focus feature.


COSAM Student Selected for the Lunar and Planetary Institute Career Development Award

“Being selected for the LPI award is always a prestigious recognition to graduate students in lunar and planetary sciences field and I am tremendously thrilled to receive this recognition,” said Al Emran. “As the first Auburn student to win this award, I am honored to be recognized for the work I am doing in the field of lunar and planetary sciences.” Learn more about this accomplishment.  


Auburn Inspires Faculty with New Leach Science Center – Collaboration Improving Student Instruction

The New Leach Science Center Addition is inspiring faculty from the Department of Physics and is using collaboration and feedback to directly improve student instruction. Find out how team collaboration makes an essential difference from Dr. Michael Fogle, Jr.


Hospital Stays during Childhood Inspires COSAM Student to Pursue Pediatrics

“Seeing that passion for science and trying to help fuel that in younger people, I see that as a philanthropy all in itself, just to keep the love of science alive in general,” said John G. Smith, vice president of the COSAM Leaders. Learn more about this outstanding COSAM student.

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