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Tuesday, March 12, 2019


COSAM Faculty Ming Liao Delivers Invited Plenary Address at 2019 Spring Southeastern Sectional Meeting of the American Mathematical Society

Dr. Ming Liao will present a plenary address at this year’s American Mathematical Society Southeastern Sectional Meeting being held at Auburn University. Learn more about this COSAM faculty and why he is proud to be selected by his very own peers to give this lecture.


VEX State Championships Recently Held in Auburn for First Time

“He’s learned how to code the robot and all of these different programs that he’s never learned before,” parent Tanya Horn said, adding that the whole team was excited to participate in the event for the second year. “If something doesn’t work with the robot, they go to the next step and figure out why it’s not working. It’s a lot of problem solving, and they love it.” Find out more about the 2019 VEX IQ Challenge and Robotics Alabama State Championship held in Auburn for the first time.


COSAM Offers NSF Workshop to Help Younger Faculty Excel

“COSAM has seven NSF CAREER award winners in the last five years at Auburn University,” explained Dr. Edward Thomas, associate dean for research and graduate studies. With so many successful faculty, COSAM held an opportunity for newer faculty to hear from seasoned members who have received these awards. Read more about this event.


For Two Consecutive Years COSAM Students Hold Miss Auburn Title

Two COSAM students, Laura Davenport and Kathryn Kennedy, consecutively have had the honor of being named Miss Auburn. See how these exceptional COSAM students embody the spirit of Auburn University and exemplify the standards an Auburn woman holds herself to both in word and deed.


Biology Students Collaborate and Compete in BioTrivia Contest

“It is important for students to learn and have fun,” said Dr. Mark Liles. “This event brings students together to share their knowledge and love of biology, and compete as teams to earn cool prizes like the Hawaiian Volcano Shrimp ecospheres!” Check out this year’s BioTrivia Contest.


COSAM Student Pursues Childhood Dream of Becoming a Biologist

“I was that kid on the playground, while everyone else was swinging or going down the slide, I was pretending to wrestle alligators,” Kaitlyn said. “Wanting to do research and study reptiles has always been a part of who I am. I could never imagine myself doing something else.” Learn more about this outstanding COSAM student

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