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1986 --- William N. Lipscomb Nobel laureate NAS member
1987 --- Herbert C. Brown Nobel laureate NAS member
1988 --- Michael J. S. Dewar NAS member
1989 --- Donald J. Cram Research Page Nobel laureate NAS member
1990 --- Henry Taube Nobel laureate NAS member
1991 --- Derek H. R. Barton Nobel laureate NAS member
1992 --- Allen J. Bard Research Page NAS member
1993 --- Richard E. Smalley Research Page Nobel laureate NAS member
1994 --- Dudley R. Herschbach Research Page Nobel laureate NAS member
1995 --- William von Eggers Doering NAS member
1996 --- Rudolph A. Marcus Research Page Nobel laureate NAS member
1997 --- Mario J. Molina Research Page Nobel laureate NAS member
1998 --- Richard N. Zare Research Page NAS member
1999 --- Jacqueline K. Barton Research Page NAS member
2000 --- Josef Michl Research Page NAS member
2001 --- Harry B. Gray Research Page NAS member
2002 --- Ahmed H. Zewail Research Page Nobel laureate NAS member
2003 --- John D. Roberts Research Page NAS member
2004 --- Kenneth N. Raymond Research Page NAS member
2005 --- Ronald Breslow Research Page NAS member
2006 --- Kyriacos C. Nicolaou Research Page 
2007 --- Robert H. Grubbs Research Page Nobel laureate NAS member
2008 --- Barry M. Trost Research Page 
2009 --- Koji Nakanishi Research Page 
2010 --- Robert H. Crabtree Research Page 
2011 --- Eric N. Jacobsen Research Page NAS member
2012 --- Thomas J. Meyer Research Page NAS member
2013 --- Ei-ichi Negishi Research Page Nobel laureate NAS member
2014 --- Daniel G. Nocera Research Page NAS member
2015 --- Edward I. Solomon  Research Page NAS member
2016 --- John E. Bercaw  Research Page NAS member
2017 --- David W. C. MacMillan  Research Page NAS member
2018 --- Marcetta Y. Darensbourg NAS member
2019 --- Sharon Hammes-Schiffer NAS member
2021 --- Chad Mirkin NAS member
2022 --- R. Graham Cooks NAS member
2023 --- Laura Gagliardi

The Kosolapoff award is supported financially by Auburn University and the Auburn Local Section of the American Chemical Society and is awarded to scientists that have made significant contributions to their field.


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