Application Procedure

Our application procedure is divided into two stages, starting with the department's ONLINE APPLICATION FORM.  For this first screening stage, there is no initial application fee.  This method ensures that we do not charge for students not admitted, and it allows us to offset the application fee levied by the Auburn University Graduate School for our incoming students once they arrive on campus.

While there is no strict deadline, the review of applications for a given fall semester will begin on December 5 of the previous year, and for a spring semester the review will begin on September 1 of the previous year. The review process will continue until available positions are filled.  In order to adequately process international applications, we should receive them as soon as possible.  See below for more details.

NOTE: If you submit application materials to the Graduate School prematurely through ApplyYourself or Slate, we will not necessarily be able to reimburse you for that application fee.  Only materials submitted through this online form will be reviewed in our initial screening.


In the first stage, please submit the required responses and materials using the department's ONLINE APPLICATION FORM.  The following information will be required:

  • Standard biographical information
  • Academic performance (GPA or equivalent)
  • Names and email addresses for at least 3 references familiar with your ability to conduct research and/or succeed in a graduate program (3 letter writers)
  • Personal statement
  • Statement of accomplishments and qualifications
  • Copy of official transcripts
  • Optional: GRE scores, resume or CV

Additional Requirements for International Students:

  • English proficiency scores (unless primary instruction was already in English)

For more detailed information about stipends, tuition waivers for all admits, TOEFL score requirements, etc., please visit our FAQ site below.

Once your complete application is received, it will be reviewed by the Graduate Admissions Committee. If your application is favorably reviewed and you are extended an offer from the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, you will be given instructions for the second stage of your application to the Graduate School.  Importantly, once you are accepted by the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, your application and acceptance to the Graduate School is typically a mere formality.

** While the online application is strongly preferred, if for some reason you are not able to use the online form, you may download and complete our former application form (MS Word document).  Upon completion of this application, please submit it by e-mail to the Graduate Admissions Committee in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry (



  1. Application Process and Acceptance Criteria

How does the application process work, and how many students will you accept?

- To apply to the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, submit your application along with all required documents and recommendations. Once submitted, your application will be reviewed by the Admissions Committee ( Admission decisions are communicated directly to applicants.

- We do not have a predetermined admissions quota; instead, we select candidates based on their qualifications and the department's current needs. If you are deemed suitable and qualified, you will receive a formal offer letter. Only after receiving an offer should you apply to the Graduate School directly, to avoid paying the $75 application fee prematurely.


  1. Eligibility for Ph.D. Program

Am I qualified to apply to your Ph.D. program?

  - Yes, our program does not impose specific prerequisites, and we welcome applications from all interested candidates. We choose applicants based on the suitability of their qualifications and the department's current needs.


  1. Application Fee and Waiver

What is the application fee? Is there a way to waive this fee?


  - There is no application fee when applying directly through our website. However, upon admission, applicants are required to apply to the Graduate School and pay a $75 fee. This initial screening process allows applicants to receive admission decisions before incurring any costs.


  1. Required Application Documents

What documents are needed to apply?

 - Applicants must submit a completed application form, transcripts, and proof of language proficiency, such as IELTS or TOEFL scores. Additionally, a minimum of three letters of recommendation from the respective writers is necessary.


  1. Transcript Submission

Do I need my official transcripts?

  - Official transcripts are not required during the initial application process. However, if admitted, official transcripts will be required by the Graduate School prior to admission.


  1. Passport Requirement

Do I need a passport to apply?

  - No, personal identification documents, including passports, should not be submitted at any stage of the application process.


  1. Language Proficiency Tests

Is the Duolingo test sufficient?

  - No, only IELTS or TOEFL scores are accepted as proof of English proficiency.


  1. English Language Instruction Exemption

Do I need IELTS/TOEFL if my language of instruction was in English?

  - No, applicants with a medium of instruction in English are exempt from providing IELTS or TOEFL scores.


  1. GRE Requirement

Is GRE required?

  - GRE scores are not mandatory; however, they will be considered if provided by the applicant.


  1. Research Advisor Selection

Do I need to find my Research Advisor prior to or during my application process?

  - . If admitted, opportunities to meet with Research Advisors will be provided.


  1. Funding for Ph.D. Positions

Is this Ph.D. position funded?

  - Admitted students receive full tuition reimbursement, health benefits, and a competitive stipend. Additionally, Alabama's low cost of living enhances the value of the stipend. Please note that while full tuition reimbursement covers all tuition costs, students are still responsible for a small student fee and the health insurance premium. Details will be provided in your official offer letter.


  1. Application Deadline and Notification

What is the Application deadline/when will I hear back?

  - We operate on a rolling admission basis, continuously reviewing and accepting applicants as deemed appropriate. There is no fixed deadline, and all applicants will receive consideration.


  1. Priority Deadline

Is there a priority deadline?

- Our website's stated deadline serves as our priority deadline. Applications submitted by this deadline, along with completed recommendations, receive priority review during our initial assessment sessions. Subsequent applications may be considered but with a reduced likelihood of review.


  1. Recommender Addition

Can I add a new recommender to my list?

  - Yes, recommenders can send their recommendations directly to, and we will include them in your application.


  1. Application Status

What is the status of my application? Do you have an application portal I can use to access my status?

  - Currently, we do not have an application portal. Applicants will receive status updates directly from us. We will notify all applicants of our decisions, including those still under consideration. If you have not heard from us, your application is still being reviewed. You may contact us for confirmation, but our response will be the same as stated here.


Review of applications will begin on December 5 of the previous year for the Fall semester starting time, and on September 1 of the previous year for the Spring semester starting time. The review will continue until available positions are filled.  In order to adequately process international applications, we should receive them as soon as possible. 

There is no strict deadline, as we encourage applications at any time of the year.  However, a typical application review will take place about 6-8 months prior to the start of the first semester, and international students should try to submit earlier to avoid visa issues. Spring semester start dates are less common and will be reviewed on an accelerated timeframe.

NOTE: While it is best to receive applications before the dates noted above, we will continue to process applications on a rolling basis throughout the months that follow. In fact, we encourage applications at any time!


Graduate Admissions Committee
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Chemistry Building, Room 179
Auburn University
Auburn, AL  36849-5312  

or Graduate Program Officer