Learning Assistant Program: January Newsletter

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Welcome to the new monthly Newsletter for the Auburn Learning Assistant Program!

LAP has begun this newsletter as a way to encourage communication throughout the LA community. Please feel free to share stories, suggestions, and comments about AULAP to help us better support students and faculty.

What is a Learning Assistant?

Learning Assistants are undergraduate students who, through the guidance of weekly preparation sessions and a pedagogy course, facilitate discussions among groups of students in a variety of classroom settings that encourage active engagement. They are peers of the current students who have successfully passed the course within the past year.

Auburn University Learning Assistant Program

Auburn University Learning Assistant Program (AULAP) formally began in Fall 2015. It is modeled after the UC Boulder LA Program. The program is currently funded by COSAM and partnership with Biggio center. Currently participating units are Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Geoscience with others coming soon. AULAP is an active participant with the national Learning Assistant Alliance.

The program provides an enhanced learning support for undergraduates enrolled in science and math courses with active learning settings. LAs offer a big psychological advantage in difficult courses like physics, especially to non-majors. They serve a critical role as dedicated and skilled facilitators to facilitate active learning and collaborative instruction in large lecture, discussion and/or lab.

For questions about the LA Program, please contact Dr. Min Zhong (Lead Coordinator of AULAP).

AULAP Goals & Model

The LA Program seeks to accomplish four major goals for students, instructors, and faculty. The LA Model facilitates active learning and course transformation to help engage students. It supports conversations between faculty about education research and its role in learning spaces. AULAP encourages institutional change and rewards instructional innovation. Finally, the LA Model provides vital exposure and preparation for undergraduate students interested in K-12 teaching.

AULAP - Learning Assistant Program Model

LA-supported Courses Spring 2023


BIOL 1000

BIOL 1020

BIOL 1030

BIOL 3200

BIOL 5500

CHEM 1020

CHEM 1030

CHEM 1040

CHEM 2030

CHEM 2070

CHEM 2080

GEOL 1110

GOEG 1010

GEOG 1030


STAT 2510

PHYS 1500

PHYS 1510

PHYS 1600

PHYS 1607


Join us for LA Faculty Coffee and Chat Hours

LA Faculty Coffee and Chat Hours provide opportunities for colleagues to strengthen connections and collaborations within the LA community. All LA faculty and those who are new to but interested in learning or adopting the LA model are welcome to stop by for Q&A, experience sharing, and feedback.

Join us for an in-person or virtual discussion about the Auburn University Learning Assistant Program (AULAP). The Faculty Coffee and Chat Hours are held every second Monday of each month in the Biggio Coffee room - ACLC 259 (with coffee and massage chairs) or via Zoom https://auburn.zoom.us/j/3334904900

Monday Feb 13, 2023 2-3pm
Monday March 13, 2023 2-3pm
Monday April 10, 2023 2-3pm

Additional virtual coffee chat opens to support faculty Q&A during the hiring season

For general inquiries about LAs and the program, contact Dr. Min Zhong.
For additional information specific to departments, please contact the departmental LA coodinators.

Min Zhong: zhongmi@auburn.edu

Rachel Prado: jrp0089@auburn.edu
Dave Crisostomo: dac0056@auburn.edu

Daniel Merrill: dam0040@auburn.edu
Melissa Halford: mrh0091@auburn.edu

Adam Payne: aap0047@auburn.edu
John Fronimos: jaf0086@auburn.edu