jAUnt Policies and Procedures

For your convenience, our policies and procedures are now online. We encourage all riders read the information below in order to become familiar with how the program works. Please contact us with questions regarding the topics found below. The information found in our policies and procedures is subject to change without notice.

What is jAUnt? | Accommodation Information | Hours of Operation |On Call/On Demand Service | Emergency Medical Transportation | Applying to Use jAUnt | Passenger Attendants | Approved Riders | Rider Code of Conduct |jAUnt Drivers |Ride Request Forms | Transporting Passengers | Service Area | How Appointments are Scheduled Each Day | Additional Scheduling Information | Add-on Appointments | Appointment Cancellations | Appointment Adjustments | Passenger Tardiness | No-Shows | Service Animals | Severe Weather Protocol

What is jAUnt?

jAUnt is a courtesy service with limited resources that helps students, faculty, and staff with a disability or medical that makes it difficult to travel within central campus.

Accommodation Information

jAUnt is not a part of any accommodation.

Hours of Operation

jAUnt is in operation Monday - Friday and only when classes are in session. The first appointment of the day is scheduled to take place at 7:40 am and the final appointment of the day is scheduled to take place at 4:50 pm. For our complete schedule, please see the Transportation Services operational calendar.

On Call/On Demand Service

The services provided by jAUnt must be scheduled by our stated deadline. jAUnt is not an "on call” or “on demand” service.

Emergency Medical Transportation

Drivers for jAUnt do not have medical training and are not permitted to transport anyone having a medical emergency. If emergency medical transportation is needed, call 911.

Applying to Use jAUnt

Prior to scheduling any appointments, qualifying medical documentation must be submitted to the Director of the AU Office of Accessibility, Barclay Bentley. Be sure to indicate if you have mobility aids (i.e., wheelchair, scooter, walker, personal attendant etc.) at the time documentation is submitted. In order to protect an applicant's private information, please do not include our office in any communications with the Office of Accessibility.

Once medical documentation has been reviewed and a decision reached regarding using jAUnt, the applicant will receive a notification via email from the Office of Accessibility. Should an applicant be approved to use jAUnt, the Office of Accessibility will notify our office.

Passenger Attendants

Passengers who require an attendant should notify the Office of Accessibility at the time they apply to use jAUnt Services. Once the use of an attendant has been approved, we will be notified. Passengers are required to supply their own attendant.

We will not allow additional passengers to ride with an approved passenger unless we receive information from the Office of Accessibility that a passenger will have an attendant. Only the number of approved attendants will be allowed to accompany a passenger on a cart.

Approved Riders

If an applicant has been approved to be provided transportation, we will receive notification from the Office of Accessibility and will follow up with the approved rider via email with additional information, as well as the Ride Request Form that must be completed and returned to us.

Rider Code of Conduct

Riders are required to treat jAUnt drivers, office staff, and other riders with respect at all times. Inappropriate language and/or behavior is unacceptable and may lead to a suspension of services. Both Transportation Services and the Office of Accessibility reserve the right to deny service to anyone.

jAUnt Drivers

jAUnt drivers are only allowed to drive passengers to and from locations that appear on their appointment sheets and should not be asked to deviate from what our administrative office has provided to them.

With the exception of passengers who are scheduled to receive transportation on our ADA cart and need assistance boarding with their mobility device, drivers are not allowed to handle a passenger's medical devices or personal items.

jAUnt drivers cannot schedule, cancel, adjust or add-on appointments for any passenger.

Ride Request Forms

Our office will send only the most recent version of the Ride Request Form to an approved rider. Riders are required to return the version of the form received from our office via email. We do not accept links to forms or altered forms. Any form that has been altered, has missing information or is sent to us in any format other than how it was received from our office will force a delay in scheduling services. Microsoft 365 includes excel and is available for use by eligible students and employees free of charge and can be used to complete the form. Be sure to save a copy of the form to your computer and send us the saved copy so we have the form in the format we need.

All Ride Request Forms are required to be received in our office prior to 3:00 pm the business day (Monday - Friday) prior to when services are needed. Forms that are received after the deadline, during the weekend, or during a holiday or closure period will be entered when our offices have reopened and will be scheduled to start on the following business day (when classes are in session).

Transporting Riders

Riders are required to remain seated with arms and legs safely inside the cart and feet on the floor while the cart is in motion unless the injury or condition preclude them from complying.

Service Area

Because the carts used for jAUnt are not street legal, the carts are only allowed to operate within the areas depicted on our service map and cannot travel outside of central campus. The location of the stop number that appears on the jAUnt Services map is both the designated drop off and pickup location for that stop. Additionally, carts are not allowed to cross Wire Road, Magnolia Avenue, College Street, or Lem Morrison Drive.

Please do not ask a driver to go to places that do not appear on the jAUnt service map or their appointment schedule.

How Appointments are Scheduled Each Day

Appointments are prioritized by destination locations. A passenger that needs to get to a class or meeting will take priority over a rider going to or from a parking or housing area. We reserve the right to adjust a pickup or drop off time based on these parameters and will notify passengers via email if they are impacted by an appointment adjustment.

Additional Scheduling Information

The AU Office of Accessibility only approves an applicant to be provided services through jAUnt and does not schedule, cancel, adjust or add-on appointments for any passenger. Additionally, jAUnt drivers cannot schedule, cancel, adjust or add-on appointments for any passenger.

All scheduling of appointments, appointment adjustments, appointment cancellations or add-on appointments are required to go through jaunt@auburn.edu.

Add-on Appointments

All add-on requests are required to be received via email. In order to ensure accuracy in scheduling a request for add-on service, we do not accept add-on requests via text message or phone call.

The following information is required to be submitted for any add-on request:

  • Requested Appointment Time (add-ons are only scheduled at :30 after the top of the hour)

  • Departure Location and Stop Number

  • Destination Location and Stop Number
  • The failure to include the required information will cause a delay in processing your request.
    Please Note: Properly scheduled rides take priority over unscheduled rides.
    Add-on appointments are only scheduled when we the availability.

    Appointment Cancellations

    Appointment cancellations are required to be submitted via email and should be submitted within two hours before your scheduled appointment time. In order to ensure we're cancelling the correct appointment, we require the following information to be included in the cancellation:

  • Date(s) of the cancellation(s)

  • Scheduled appointment time(s) being cancelled

  • Departure and destination location(s)

  • If cancellation is permanent, please let us know
  • Any cancellation received in our office at the scheduled time of the appointment will be considered on a case-by-case basis and may be counted as a no-show and subject to our no-show policy.

    If a rider is unable to notify us in advance of an appointment cancellation due to serious illness or other emrgency circumstances, email us as soon as possible, so you will not be considered a no-show.
    We do not accept appointment cancellations via text message or phone call

    Appointment Adjustments

    Appointment adjustment requests are required to be submitted via email. All requests for adjustments to an appointment are required to include the following information:

  • Date(s) of the requested adjustment(s)

  • Scheduled appointment time(s) of the adjustment

  • Departure and destination location(s)
  • Adjustment details
  • Any appointment adjustment request may fall under our add-on policy and only if availability exists.

    We will not guarantee any same day appointment adjustments, i.e., destination or time change, no matter the reason for the adjustment(s).
    We do not accept appointment adjustments via text message or phone call.

    Passenger Tardiness

    It is solely the responsibility of the rider to ensure they're at the designated pickup location on time and boarded within three minutes of their scheduled appointment time. Drivers are not allowed to text or call a passenger upon their arrival at the designated pickup location.

    As jAUnt driver’s appointment schedules do not allow them to remain at a location for an extended period of time, a rider should never contact a driver and ask them to remain in place because they’re running behind schedule. If the rider is late and misses their scheduled pickup, they must request an “add-on appointment request” by emailing us.

    Persistent tardiness may result in a suspension of services.

    Driver Tardiness

    We assume no responsibility for late driver arrivals at the designated pickup locations, as any number of factors may cause a driver to be late to an appointment.

    Should a driver arrive late to an appointment and the passenger is not present, the driver will then proceed to their next appointment.

    If a passenger boards their appointment where a driver has arrived late, it may also be necessary to pickup another scheduled appointment on the way to transporting a passenger to their destination location.


    A rider is considered a no-show if they fail to board the cart during the three-minute window at the departure location at their scheduled appointment time. If the passenger has not arrived and boarded the cart within the three minutes, the driver will proceed to their next scheduled appointment and the passenger will be counted as a no-show.

    jAUnt driver’s appointment schedules do not allow them to remain in place for an extended period of time. A rider should never contact a driver and ask them to remain in place because they’re running behind schedule or ask a driver to text or call them upon their arrival at the designated pickup location.

    It remains the sole responsibility of the rider to ensure that they have cancelled their appointment when it is not needed.

    Please Note: Missing the specific time at your designated pickup point four times in an academic semester may result in a suspension of services. As a reminder, jAUnt is a courtesy service with limited resources to help students, faculty and staff get to destinations in central campus that they would otherwise be unable to get to. When a ride has a no-show result, it is a ride someone else could have used. Please be courteous to your fellow riders and let us know when service is not needed.

    Service Animals

    Students with service animals are encouraged to register their service animal with the University by submitting veterinary records and emergency contact information to the Office of Accessibility. In order to ensure we have a rider with a service animal scheduled appropriately, we depend on the rider to notify us they use a service animal upon submission of their Ride Request Form. No animals other than service animals which are under control of its handler are allowed onto the jAUnt carts.

    Severe Weather Protocol

    Because the safety of our passengers and drivers is one of our top priorities, should we experience thunderstorms or should a severe weather warning being issued for this area, we will immediately take all jAUnt carts out of service at the student center and have everyone go inside.

    Any rider who is on a cart and being transported at the time of protocol activation will have the option of either coming inside of the building with their driver or making alternative arrangements once the cart has arrived at the student center. Those with upcoming appointments during the course of suspended services will be notified as well.

    Never attempt to talk a driver into continuing an appointment whenever we have enacted this protocol, as our severe weather protocol is for everyone's safety.

    Once a severe weather warning has expired and the carts go back into service, all appointments will resume. Those passengers whose appointments have been put on hold due to the severe weather will have the option of being transported to their original destination location. Should a passenger need to go to another location instead, the passenger will need to email our office to request a change to their appointment.

    Should severe weather ever force a delay in the start of service on a given day, we will notify those whose appointments are impacted by the delay along with updated service start time information when it becomes available.