For charters intended for on-campus tours, the chartering department must provide route information at the time of submitting the CSR Form. From there, a determination will be made regarding if the bus is able to access the requested locations. Failure to provide tour information at the time of submitting the CSR Form will force a delay in processing the request.

The chartering department is responsible for securing tour guides for their charter. We are unable to make a request for tour guides on behalf of a chartering department.

Tiger Transit buses do not come equipped with PA systems. Groups needing to use a PA system must provide their own equipment. At no time should a PA system be placed with the driver, at the front of the bus, or in the aisle of the bus.

As per DOT regulations, items are prohibited from being placed in the aisle of the bus or where it interferes with the driver or other passengers.

Please Note: Due to the configuration of the buses, there are locations they're unable to access. We encourage you to review the location information prior to completing the CSR Form to see if a location that is being considered as a tour stop is accessible or not.