Charter Rules & Regulations

We encourage you to become familiar with our rules and regulations as you prepare to submit your CSR Form. Please email us with any questions about any of the information found below.

Hazardous Materials or Weapons

Hazardous materials and weapons are strictly prohibited from being brought onto the buses.

Alcohol and Alcohol Consumption

We do not provide charter services to locations where alcohol is being served (i.e. vineyards, breweries, and bars).

Open containers of alcoholic beverages are not permitted to be brought onto the buses. Those attempting to board the bus with an open container will be required to either secure a top onto it or pour it out if no top is available for the container. Until one of the requirements has been met, the passenger will not be allowed to board the bus.

The consumption of alcohol on the buses is strictly prohibited.

Smoking, Use of Tobacco Products, and Vaping

Smoking, vaping or using other tobacco products is not allowed on the buses.

On-Duty Limitations for Operators

Operators must adhere to on-duty limitations in accordance to federal regulations.

Placing Items in the Aisle and in Front of Doors

As per DOT regulations, the aisle of the bus must remain clear of obstacles at all times.

Items which must be stored and protrude into the aisle or interfere with other passengers and/or DOT regulations are not permitted on board.

Nothing is allowed to be placed on the bus that would block any of the doors.

Additional Information

At no time should the operator ever be asked, encouraged, or pressured in to breaking a law or circumventing our policies.
Violating our policies and regulations will result in the immediate termination of the charter, with the chartering department being charged for the entire charter per number of buses scheduled.