General Charter Information

1- Due to the limited number of buses in the Tiger Transit fleet, charters may not always be available. When buses are available, charters are allocated on a first come – first serve basis and only to groups affiliated with Auburn University.

2- Buses are allowed to be chartered for official Auburn University purposes only.

3- Each bus seats 28 passengers and has standing room for approximately 15 additional passengers.

4- Although all buses are ADA compatible, we ask that you let us know when there are going to be special needs passengers in attendance.

5- We do not have buses with on-board restrooms or luggage racks.

6- We are unable to schedule overnight charters.

7- Buses are only allowed to travel a total of two hours from the Auburn University campus.

8- Due to the configuration of the buses, there are locations they cannot access. Prior to completing and submitting your charter request, we strongly recommend reviewing the information provided regarding locations buses are unable to access. If you have questions as to if buses can access a specific location, please email us.

9- All charter services provided require a three hour minium block of time for each bus scheduled to provide service. The three hour minimum cannot be broken apart.

10- Our hourly rates include the bus, operator, and fuel.

11- The chartering department must provide one Auburn University faculty or professional staff member to be in charge of the group. The department must also provide one Auburn University faculty or professional staff member to accompany the group on each charter bus. They must also be present at the departure location at the Tiger Transit designated spot time. We will not allow a scheduled charter to proceed without these requirements being met.

12- Operators are not permitted to leave a bus in order to locate any member of the chartering group’s party.

13- For charters intended for on-campus tours, the chartering department must provide route information at the time of submitting a CSR Form. Failure to provide this information will force a delay in processing the request for service.

14- All requests for changes are required to be emailed to Transportation Services. Changes to charters can only be made by those listed in sections one and two of page two of the CSR Form that’s on file with our office. We will only approve a change request if the driver, supervisor, and equipment are available at the time the changes are being requested for. An updated CSR Form may be required to be submitted. We will provide information via email regarding if a change request has been approved .

15- Even if the details are identical, one CSR Form will be required to be submitted for each date and time period that charter services are being required for.

16- For dates where multiple service times are needed, one CSR Form for each set of service times must be submitted.

17- We require charter services to be booked at least 14 business days in advance of the needed date.

18- Any group submitting a CSR Form less than 14 business days prior to the requested charter date is subject to a non-refundable Priority Processing Charge (PPC). This charge is only applicable if service has been approved and is in addition to all other rates and charges. See the Charter Rates & Charges section of this website for our current PPC rate.

19- All charters are approved or denied through the Transportation Services administrative office and must be submitted via email.

20- The submission or confirmation of the receipt of a charter request does not consitute an approval for services to be provided.