Fees, Tolls, & Other Costs Incurred During the Course of a Charter

The chartering department is responsible for paying any fees, tolls, and other costs incurred during the course of service. These costs are required to be paid for up front or during the course of services being provided by a representative of the department that has scheduled services with us. We do not supply the means for drivers to pay for these items or have them billed through the invoice your area will receive from Transportation Services.

The items departments are responsible for paying include but are not limited to- road tolls, bridge tolls, parking costs, storage fees, and admission fees for drivers.

Additional Information

For locations where it's determined parking passes must be purchased in order for buses to park at a venue, the chartering department will be required to purchase a parking pass for each bus that will be providing service and email them to us. This requirement will only need to be met once we have sent a charter confirmation to the department scheduling services.