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Grade Adjustment Policy (GAP)

All regularly admitted undergraduate students, who were enrolled during Fall 2000, or after, may delete a maximum of three (3) course grades of D or F (including FA or U) associated with their undergraduate degree from the calculation of their grade point average.

GAP does not apply to the professional students in pharmacy and veterinary medicine.

All core courses and those courses required for a major must be met for graduation. If deleted through GAP, these required course must be repeated at Auburn University.

All courses for which a grade has been assigned will remain on the transcript. However, the notation will appear that the work is not included in the GPA.

Students interested in taking advantage of the Grade Adjustment Policy should contact their dean's office. A form is required to adjust grades. When the change has been made, it can not be changed back.

Schedule Drop/ Add

Students may add courses online from the designated registration dates for each respective term through the fifth day of that term (second day for summer terms). Departments can add students to courses through the first fifteen days of each respective term (five days for summer terms). Should students need to add courses after the first fifteen class days of the term, they need to see their Academic Advisor to request a Schedule Adjustment. Students may drop courses online through the withdrawal date of each respective term with no academic penalty. Should students need to drop a course after the withdrawal date, permission must be granted. A drop after the withdrawal date will only be granted when extenuating circumstances exist. The student needs to contact his/her Academic Advisor to request a Schedule Adjustment. If the request is to drop a course after the withdrawal date, a grade of W or WF will be assigned. A drop after the withdrawal date can result in the student receiving an academic penalty. See the section "Withdrawal from a course" in the AU Bulletin.

Withdrawal/ Resignation

Withdrawal and Resignation Policy

Official withdrawal and resignation policy

Return of Title IV Funds Policy

Please refer to Student Financial Services for Title IV Funds Policy information.