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Bike Load/Unload

Loading Your Bike

  • As the bus approaches have your bike ready to load; remove all pumps and loose items that could fall off.
  • Always approach the bus from the curb side.
  • Tell the bus driver that you are loading a bike.
  • Squeeze handle and pull down to release folded bike rack.
  • You can load and unload a bike nearest the bus without unloading the bike in front.
  • Lift the bike onto the rack, putting the front and rear wheels in the marked slots.
  • Raise the support arm, making sure it is resting on your front tire, not the fender or frame.
  • Anything attached to the bike that obstructs the driver's vision, such as milk crates, oversize panniers, or child safety seats, will need to be removed before the bike can be put on the rack.

Unloading Your Bike

  • Tell the driver that you need to unload your bike.
  • Move the support arm down and lift out your bike.
  • Please fold up the rack if it is empty.
Last Modified: May 15, 2019