Lyft Late Night Smart Ride Program

The Auburn Lyft Late Night Smart Ride Program is designed to ensure all currently enrolled students have access to safely travel from campus to their on or off campus residence. Students will be provided up to a $10 discount per ride inside the below university-designated service areas. Please note the destinations must be residential locations, not commercial locations.

If you are a currently enrolled student with the Lyft app already downloaded simply update your email address within the settings menu under “account”. You will then receive an email from Lyft to your TigerMail account requesting verification. Still are experiencing issues with verifying your account? Please fill out this form to report any issues with your Auburn Lyft Late Night Smart Ride Program credits, or to request the credits be added to your account.

There are three different university-designated service locations which are eligible for the $10 discount.

How to claim Lyft credits:

  1. Receive Lyft E-mail: “Activate your Lyft Pass benefits from Auburn University
  2. Select "Activate Lyft Pass"
  3. Prompted to sign in to your Lyft account and the credits will be automatically added to the app
  4. Credits will automatically apply to any eligible ride (within the 3 on-campus pick-up locations)

Confirm credits on your Lyft app by checking the upfront ride cost and “Credits Applied” banner.

Last updated: April 11, 2022