Our Mission

The safety of all students, employees and visitors is the mission of the Auburn University Department of Campus Safety & Security. Our team works hard every day to support this mission and we continue to seek out ways to make the Auburn University campus as safe as possible.


The Auburn University Department of Campus Safety & Security is responsible for ensuring the university is prepared and capable of responding to all emergencies and issues that happen on our campus. Our partnership with the Auburn Police Division, the Auburn Fire Division, East Alabama Medical Center and other essential university as well as non-university partners and contractors helps ensure that we have the very best resources available at all times. Our security team along with the night security shuttle and security monitors help ensure safe travel during the evening hours across campus and around the residence halls.

Our Emergency Management division helps ensure that the university is prepared for all hazards. Should an emergency occur, we notify the campus community to be sure that they are aware of any dangerous or threatening issues. Emergency Management also helps ensure that the university’s administration is able to swiftly move towards a resolution and resume normal operations following a large scale emergency or disaster.

Last updated: 10/04/2023