What is path to the plains?

Path to the Plains (P2P) is a concurrent enrollment program offered by Auburn University and partner community college institutions designed for students who want to transfer to Auburn to finish their bachelor’s degrees once they have completed their associate’s degrees.

P2P offers an affordable and accessible path for Alabama residents.

How Does It Work?

Interested students apply via the Path to the Plains Application at a partner institution into their intended degree program. During the first two years of the program, students complete general education classes toward an associate’s degree at the partner school while also taking at least one course at Auburn each semester.

A Success Guide will determine which classes students take at Auburn and which are taken at the partner institution, based on the student’s intended degree program. Upon completion of the designated coursework and program requirements, the student transfers to Auburn to complete their chosen bachelor’s degree. During concurrent enrollment, all courses are charged the community college tuition rate.

The Path to the Plains program provides academic support to students throughout their time at the partner institution and helps prepare them for a successful transition to Auburn.