Auburn University is committed to ensuring that an Auburn education remains affordable and accessible to the best and brightest of Alabama. Students benefit from dual enrollment, but we realize that cost can be prohibitive. The Auburn First tuition waiver makes dual enrollment a possibility for Alabama residents with demonstrated outstanding academic achievement and financial needs.


  • Get Admitted to Auburn First
  • Be an Alabama resident.
  • Demonstrate financial need by meeting eligibility requirements for free or reduced lunch.


  • Step 1: Complete an Auburn First Application.
  • Step 2: Select Application Fee Waiver and complete the Application Fee Waiver Form. This will let our team know that you could qualify for a tuition waiver!
  • Step 3: Once accepted into the Auburn First program, a member of the Auburn First team will reach out to verify your eligibility.
  • Step 4: Once your eligibility has been verified, your enrollment deposit will be waived, and the Auburn First team will reach out about our orientation and registration process.


  • Who is eligible for an Auburn First Tuition waiver?
  • How can I request an Auburn First tuition waiver?
    • Select that you are eligible for an Application Fee Waiver on your Auburn First application. You’ll need to upload a completed application fee waiver form. This form can also be sent directly to Once you have been fully admitted to Auburn First, a member of our team will reach out to verify your eligibility.
  • How does Auburn First verify my eligibility for a tuition waiver?
    • Our program has modeled our verification process after the free or reduced lunch program by using the same income and categorical eligibility guidelines for free or reduced lunch. There are many different situations that can impact eligibility. If you have questions about whether you are eligible, feel free to reach out to Sarah-Rachel Smith at
  • Are textbooks and course materials covered by the waiver?
    • A tuition waiver will cover the tuition for your Auburn First coursework. At this time, the cost of textbooks, course materials, and online proctoring is not included in the tuition waiver.
  • How long does my waiver status last?
    • Your tuition waiver status will last until the end of the academic year (Fall to Summer), in which you were approved. Tuition waivers initially approved for a summer semester will last until the end of the following academic year.
  • Can my tuition waiver be renewed?
    • Your tuition waiver is eligible to be renewed as long as you remain eligible to participate in Auburn First and continue to qualify for free or reduced lunch. A member of our team will reach out when it is time to renew your tuition waiver.
  • Are there limits on what classes I can take or how many?
    • The tuition waiver waives tuition up to 24 credit hours of coursework in approved Auburn First courses.
    • Like any other Auburn First student, you are limited to courses offered by our program until you qualify for senior experience courses. With a tuition waiver, you can earn up to 24 credit hours of approved Auburn First coursework.