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Information for Students

AU eValuate is a web-based, mobile-friendly application that allows you to evaluate your courses and instructors anonymously. As a student, you can provide information to your instructors to help them know what worked well and how improvements could be made for future students.

Frequently Asked Questions:

You will periodically get emails with a link to the system, but you can always reach it from AU Access, My Academics tab. Look for the AU eValuate icon near the bottom of the page. There is also a link to the system from any of your courses in Canvas. Regardless of how you get there, you will only see surveys available when they are open near the end of the term.

The evaluations for the full Fall, Spring, and Summer terms are typically open the last week of classes and during the reading days. The evaluations close at 11:59pm the day before finals begin. Mini-semesters follow the same pattern but may be open fewer days. Auburn Online evaluations run the last five days of the term. Holidays and campus closures can affect the schedule. You should receive an email on the day the evaluations open and some reminders before they close.

An especially difficult or easy final exam could skew your perception of the class as a whole, so the decision was made to exclude the final exam period from the survey date range.

All courses will have the following eight questions asked. The first seven questions are presented with responses ranging from Strongly Agree to Strongly Disagree, and the last one is free-form text. Different departments may require additional custom sets of questions.

  1. I was encouraged to interact with the instructor regarding course content (electronically, during office hours, in class, etc.).

  2. I was provided opportunities to cooperate with other classmates about course material (electronically, inside or outside of class, etc.).

  3. I was informed of the instructor's high expectations for my work in this course.

  4. I was provided with an evaluation of my academic progress at regular intervals during the semester.

  5. I was provided ample opportunites to apply my learning in this course.

  6. I was prompted to think critically about the course material.

  7. I was provided an environment that supported my learning in this course.

  8. Please provide additional actionable feedback related to instruction (strengths or areas of improvement).

Return to the system and choose Surveys, Completed Surveys. Look for a link to Edit Survey Answers. While the survey is open, you can make changes, but not after it has closed.

First check with your professor to see if the course was excluded for a known reason; for example, courses numbered with 90, 91, 92, 93, 94, 96, 98, or 99 as the middle two digits are often excluded. Ask the professor to email if this doesn’t explain why it is missing.

First check with your professor to see if there is some reason they know of that the record doesn’t match their name. If they agree that this is an error, ask them to contact the course builder in their department to have the record corrected in the student information system, Banner. Once Banner is corrected, the professor should email to have the same correction made to your course.

Responses are anonymous; the system doesn’t display any names or identifiers for responses to the professor or department/college administrators. Additionally, professors can only see the number of students who have responded, not which students, and they don’t see the responses until after final grades are due. Please do keep in mind that the smaller the class, the more likely a professor could suspect who entered a response, and you should take care not to identify yourself in the free-form comments. Below are some examples of phrasing to avoid.

  • "As the only senior in the class..."

    • The professor may know you are a senior.

  • "Because I missed the first week of class..."

    • The professor likely has records from the first week of class.

  • "I told the professor this in person..."

    • The professor probably remembers the conversation.

No, policy prohibits surveys being open during or after the final exam period. If you have feedback that you feel strongly about sending to the professor, email it to and it will be delivered after the term has ended, but it will not be a part of their official records.

Please contact the AU eValuate administrator at

Last updated: April 22, 2024