AU Employee Pharmacy

TigerMeds Program

The TigerMeds program was introduced in November 2008 as a benefit for Auburn University employees and their dependents who have AU medical insurance. Through TigerMeds, employees who transfer all of their prescription medications to the AU Employee Pharmacy (located on campus) can obtain most generic prescription medications free of charge ($0 co-pay). Through this program, there are several ways that employees and dependents can save on out-of-pocket medication expenses:

  • Through TigerMeds, tier 1 generic prescription medications are free ($0 co-pay) and tier 2 generic medications are $10 per month. This would save you on average $10 per prescription for generic medications which would be $10 and $20 at other pharmacies.
  • If you take a brand name medication that does not currently have a generic alternative available, there is a possibility that there is another drug that is just as effective that is available as a generic. If your physician agrees to change your medicine, this could save you $40 to $80 per month.
  • By enrolling in the TigerMeds program, you have the opportunity to make an appointment with a pharmacist to discuss generic alternatives to your brand name medications as well as address any questions regarding your medications. This could also save you money on your prescription copays.
  • TigerMeds helps save Auburn University money on medical benefits which helps AU hold down the cost of your health insurance premiums.

TIn addition to the TigerMeds program, the AUPCC offers a variety of wellness services and programs to help manage various chronic health problems (in conjunction with your physician), such as asthma, high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity. We hope you will take advantage of this benefit that Auburn University has extended to you. We are located inside the School of Pharmacy at 2155 Walker Building.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us:
AUPCC: (334) 844-4099 |
AU Employee Pharmacy: (334) 844-8938 |

Basic Information

How do I transfer my prescriptions to the AU Employee Pharmacy?


If you have never had a prescription filled at the AU Employee Pharmacy, then we will need you to complete a new patient form:

  • This form can be picked up from the AU Employee Pharmacy, 2155 Walker Building, Harrison School of Pharmacy, War Eagle Way, Auburn University, AL or it can be downloaded from HERE
  • Complete all information on the form. Be sure to clearly indicate your current pharmacy name, address, city, and phone number.
  • Make a copy of your insurance card.
  • Fax the completed form and the copy of the insurance card to the AU Employee Pharmacy at (334) 844-8983.
  • An AU Employee Pharmacy pharmacist will call the pharmacy (or pharmacies) that you indicated on your form to transfer all of your prescriptions to the AU Employee Pharmacy.
  • If you anticipate needing any of your medications immediately, please let us know when you request the transfer so that we can expedite your prescriptions.
  • Once your medications have been transferred, you may request refills.


If you have previously filled a prescription at the AU Employee Pharmacy: You can simply e-mail the AU Employee Pharmacy at, Fax us at (334) 844-8983, or call the pharmacy at 334-844-8938 so we may transfer the additional prescriptions. An AU Employee Pharmacy pharmacist will call the pharmacy (or pharmacies) that you indicated to transfer all of your prescriptions to the AU Employee Pharmacy.

Other Information

Where is the AU Employee Pharmacy Located? Where can I park and what about deliveries?

All information about location, parking, deliveries and hours can be found HERE.

Last Updated: February 16, 2016