AU Student Pharmacy (AUSP)

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Student Pharmacy | 400 Lem Morrison Drive | Phone: 334-844-4641 | On-Call Phone: 334-728-0809

Auburn University is proud to offer an on-campus pharmacy that exclusively serves our Auburn University students and their families. This is a FULL-SERVICE pharmacy. We fill prescriptions for undergraduate and graduate students (and their spouses and children), and accept most major insurance plans.

We can fill prescriptions from any doctor or prescriber (in-state or out-of-state), not just AU Medical Clinic physicians. When you arrive on campus, give us a call, and we can transfer your prescriptions to our pharmacy so we can take care of you while you are at AU. Also, we are the preferred pharmacy for Auburn University’s Student Insurance Plan (offered through United Healthcare), and students who subscribe to AU’s insurance have lower out-of-pocket costs at the AU Student Pharmacy. If we do not have a medication you need in stock, we can place a special order and get it for you within 24 hours - including non-prescription items.

The AU Student Pharmacy is conveniently located on the main Auburn Campus within the AU Medical Clinic (AUMC) at 400 Lem Morrison Drive, which is on the Tiger Transit route. We offer quality pharmacy services to make sure that you are getting the most from your medications. We want to help you respond quickly to treatment, get better, stay healthy, and be successful here at AU.

We provide personal, individualized care and strive to be helpful and available for you and your family. Our pharmacy team is always just a phone call or email ( away; a pharmacist is even on call 24/7 and available for physicians and patients to address any medication emergencies that you may encounter after hours.

“At the AU Student Pharmacy, we take special care of our AU students because they are part of our AU family. We want to be our students’ hometown pharmacy when they are away from home.” -- Dr. Kimberly Braxton Lloyd
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Did You Know...

  • That if you are on the AU Student Insurance Plan your out-of-pocket costs are lower for most medications at the AU Student Pharmacy.
  • That we can charge your AU Bursar’s account for your pharmacy purchases, including your prescription co-pays, over-the-counter medications, and other medical supplies- making it easy and convenient for you to pay your medication bills.
  • That we also accept cash, check, most major credit cards, and FLEX spending cards.
  • That the AU Student Pharmacy carries a wide assortment of over-the-counter medications that you might need, including sunscreen, Band-Aids, headache medications, pain relievers, allergy meds, etc. You can even rent crutches at the AU Student Pharmacy.
  • That our pharmacists are experts on young college-age adult healthcare needs and medications commonly used by students and are available for private consultation.
  • That our pharmacists provide smoking cessation and weight management counseling and support.
  • That the AUSP offers FREE annual medication check-ups, drug information, and FREE medication monitoring services for most medications.
  • That an on-call pharmacist is available 24/7 for patients and physicians.
  • The AUSP proudly trains post-doctoral residents and Pharm.D. Students to deliver top-notch pharmacy care.

Transfer Your Prescriptions Today

The first step is to fill out the New Patient Form. Bring in or FAX (334-844-4969) this form, and a copy of your driver license and health insurance card to the AU Student Pharmacy, and we will take it from there.

Please Note:

  • We accept cash, check, credit cards, FLEX spending cards, and we can bill your AU BURSAR account. We cannot extend personal credit to any patient.
  • We honor coupons only when presented AT THE SAME TIME as the prescription so that they can be processed together.

Last Updated: February 26, 2020