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Amber Milton Amber Milton
Degree Program: Ph.D., Pharmacology
Anticipated Graduation: 2018
Advisor: Peter Panizzi, Ph.D.
Email: alm0003@auburn.edu

B.S., Biomedical Sciences - Auburn, 2011
M.S., Clinical Lab Sciences - Alabama-Birmingham, 2012

Research Areas:

  • Evaluating inhibitors of Myeloperoxidase

Amber Milton was born and raised in historical Selma, Alabama, which played a very influential role in the Civil Rights Movement. She received her B.S. in Biomedical Sciences from Auburn in 2011 and M.S. in Clinical Lab Sciences from the University of Alabama at Birmingham in 2012.

While working towards her undergraduate degree at Auburn, Milton conducted research under the supervision of Dr. Randall Clark within the Harrison School of Pharmacy. Milton is currently pursuing a Ph.D. degree in Pharmacology in the lab of Dr. Peter Panizzi, which focuses on different in vivo molecular imaging techniques and tracking disease progression. Her specific project is to evaluate newly identified myeloperoxidase specific inhibitors as a means to dampen inflammation in the treatment of chronic disease.

Milton is working on methods and models that test the safety and efficacy of these myeloperoxidase inhibitors. The primary goal is to determine if they can be used to limit damage during rheumatoid arthritis and other disease models. To test the safety of these new inhibitors, Milton is also working under the supervision of Dr. Jennifer Panizzi at the College of Veterinary Medicine. These semi-high throughput zebrafish assays test the toxic effects of the individual compound at a number of different concentrations in a 96-well format. Once safe inhibitors are identified they will be further tested in mouse models of rheumatoid arthritis.


Last Updated: March 8, 2017