The Destination for Pharmacy Education

When you attend the Harrison School of Pharmacy, you are not just a student but rather treated as a junior colleague of the School's faculty and staff. The educational experience is not limited to the classroom, but is extended beyond these walls to include interprofessional education opportunities through student organizations and other collaborative efforts, along with a rich campus life. Even classroom education at HSOP is treated differently with an innovative curriculum that embraces critical thinking and teamwork. We welcome you to learn more about the Harrison School of Pharmacy and feel free to reach out to us at with any questions.

Below you can hear about the Harrison School of Pharmacy from those who are walking the halls every day. Watch and listen as they discuss how Auburn strives to Innovate, Inspire, and Transform through innovative research and education, inspiring outreach and service in our communities, and transformative experiences that build the practice-ready graduate.

Students taking the oath of a pharmacist
Innovative Experience | Video

At the Harrison School of Pharmacy, students are interacting with patients from the first week of class, providing immediate patient care experience. Because of this, the White Coat Ceremony is held at the beginning of the P1 year, welcoming our newest students as junior colleagues to the profession.

Tinia Harris stands outside Walker Building
Innovative Approach to Learning | Video

Student Pharmacists get an innovative educational experience through the Practice Ready Curriculum. Implemented in 2017, the curriculum provides students high quality, modern, diverse, and relevant learning experiences, opportunities to work with other health care professionals in areas of direct patient care, opportunities for leadership both inside and outside the classroom, and a curriculum that effectively integrates foundational knowledge, clinical sciences, behavioral sciences, and other topics vital to success as a Pharmacist.

Students sitting by Samford Hall
Transformative Student Experience | Video

At the Harrison School of Pharmacy, students are interacting with patients from the first week of class, providing immediate patient care experience. Because of this, the White Coat Ceremony is held at the beginning of the P1 year, welcoming our newest students as junior colleagues to the profession.

Student standing behind a pharmacy counter
Transformative Skill Set | Video

Student Pharmacist are trained on a variety of skills they are able to practice on community settings. From checking blood pressure and blood glucose, to certifications in immunizations and programs like smoking cessation, students are trained to be well-rounded health care providers that make a difference in the lives of their patients.

Student and faculty member in lab
Innovative Research Opportunities | Video

Harrison School of Pharmacy students have the opportunity to conduct research alongside faculty from a variety of areas. With state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, along with faculty who are leaders in their disciplines, student pharmacists have the ability to work on ground-breaking and potentially life-saving projects while at Auburn.

Student standing outside hospital in Zambia
A Unique Experience | Video

Student Pharmacists have the opportunity to go out and learn under professionals in various fields as part of the Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE) and Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience (IPPE) rotations. While most occur within the region, some students take advantage of opportunities to complete rotations in unique settings, such as Zambia or Thailand, or even prestigious centers like Johns Hopkins Hospital or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Group of students receive award
Inspiring Leadership | Video

Students have the opportunity to get involved in nearly 20 different student organizations. From pediatric pharmacy to managed care, community pharmacy and social organizations, there are numerous opportunities to get involved, learn more about the profession and develop as a leader. Included among these organizations is the HSOP chapter of the National Community Pharmacists Association, which was recently named the national chapter of the year.

Students sit together in a conference room
Inspiring Mentorship | Video

At Auburn, student access to faculty is not limited to the classroom. Through the team-based learning model, teams are assigned faculty mentors that serve as a resource throughout pharmacy school. Additionally, students work together through the teams to provide peer-to-peer mentorship.

Exterior of building in Mobile
Mobile Campus | Video

In 2007, the Harrison School of Pharmacy partnered with the University of South Alabama to create the Mobile Campus. The partnership between the two universities allows HSOP to enroll 24 students per year in Mobile, train them on the USA campus, and generate practice-ready pharmacists to serve the Gulf Coast region.

Student checks a patient's blood pressure
Innovative Patient Care | Video

Harrison School of Pharmacy students begin interacting with patients during their first week on campus. As part of the patient care experience, student pharmacists are assigned to patient care teams and regularly visit and interact with patients in the community. This innovative program gives students valuable real-world experience while also improving the health outcomes of those in the community.

Student talks with patient
Interprofessional Education | Video

Student Pharmacists are exposed to other health professions through interprofessional education clinics. During these clinics, students from a variety of backgrounds, including pharmacy, medical, nursing, social work, nutrition, and others go out in the community and counsel patients at various long-term care and retirement facilities.

Green Class of 2021 flag flies
Hargreaves Day | Video

Each year, the Harrison School of Pharmacy takes a break for the day and competes in the annual Hargreaves Day. The annual competition pits students, faculty, and staff against each other in a series of events. The event is named after long-time faculty member George Hargreaves who found value in mentorship among faculty and students.

Students on the steps of the state capital
Transformative Advocacy | Video

At the Harrison School of Pharmacy, students are encouraged early on in their time to be advocates for the profession of pharmacy. Advocating to the public and to legislators on the critical role pharmacists play is imperative to the profession as it seeks to find new and improved ways to improve health outcomes of patients. This opportunity to advocate takes center stage at Legislative Day, an annual event hosted by the Alabama Pharmacy Association in which students are encouraged to come to Montgomery and speak with legislators on what is important in the profession.

Student standing at Toomers Corner
Inspiring Achievement | Video

Graduation Day is always a special one as the Harrison School of Pharmacy sends the next generation of pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists out into the world. For the graduates, it is an inspiring day as they prepare to go out and improve people lives and make life-saving advancements through health care.

Last Updated: May 29, 2019