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Consistent with the Harrison School of Pharmacy Mission Statement, the Doctor of Pharmacy program is designed to prepare graduates who are able to provide and improve primary health care to Alabama’s citizens. Given the large emphasis that today’s health care systems are placing on primary care, Auburn's Doctor of Pharmacy graduates are also prepared to care for people across the United States and throughout the world. To prepare Auburn Pharm.D. graduates for these roles, the faculty has developed an educational program which is innovative and dynamic.

The Doctor of Pharmacy program is an educational experience that goes beyond a traditional curriculum. The following activities result in a graduate who is prepared to practice in the twenty-first century.

Pharmacy Orientation Program

During the week before classes start, first-year students participate in the Pharmacy Orientation Program which does the following:

  1. Introduces them to the life of a professional by making them a member of a Pharmaceutical Care Team
  2. Instills a common understanding about the pharmacy profession, and its future directions
  3. Provides guidance about how to be successful in pharmacy school.

Peer-Faculty Mentor Teams

The Harrison School of Pharmacy has Pharmaceutical Care Teams composed of a group of students from each class year and two faculty members. A Team remains together from the Pharmacy Orientation Program through completion of the educational experience. One major goal of this Team Model is to allow students to establish peer and faculty mentor relationships that promote collegiality and a sense of community. This professionalization process prepares the graduate for practice in future health care settings.

Professional Seminar Series

Most weeks, students are exposed to career opportunities, changes occurring in the profession and practice and research issues by listening to and interacting with recognized leaders from both the state and national levels.

Continuous Patient Care Responsibilities

Upon entry, each student is assigned service-based patient-care responsibilities that continue throughout the program.

Legislative Day

Pharm.D. students promote the profession and address legislative issues that are important to the profession by talking one-on-one with state legislators. A recent issue is the revision of the State Pharmacy Practice Act so that it embraces current and future pharmacist roles.

Junior and Senior Peer Relationships

The senior Pharm.D. students on a Pharmaceutical Care Team peer-mentor the junior students on a continuous basis. Senior students also promote the development of junior students by assuming leadership roles in the Pharmacy Orientation Program and Interview Days.

Parents Day/Open House

The Harrison School of Pharmacy extends invitations to all currently enrolled students, prospective students, parents, and guests to see and experience the hands-on patient care abilities of our students. The event is held in conjunction with the Auburn University Parents Day weekend and showcases the program and provides the guests with a better understanding of the critical role that pharmacists play in our daily lives.

Last Updated: December 15, 2017