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Red and White Quilt

Pieced quilt, also known as Patchwork. Geometric shapes are cut from different fabrics and sewn together, making a new piece of fabric known as the quilt top. Quilting patterns follow the design of the geometric patterns, or an overall quilting patterns of a different design can be used.

Quilt named

Patterns of the shapes are known by the name of the quilt block. This one is a Solomon’s Temple.

Baltimore Album quilt

Applique quilt. Shapes are cut from one fabric and sewn onto another larger piece of fabric. This technique was popular in the mid-19 th century United States. The most distinct version of appliqué was the Baltimore Album quilt, popular from 1846-1852. Applique could be simple, layered, or stuffed, depending on the quilter’s skills.

Quilting can be around the motif as in Echo quilting, or in ½” to 1” cross hatch quilting.

This is an example of the Baltimore Album quilt revival, popular from the late 1980s to the present.

Depression quilt

String quilts were made of small fabric scraps stitched together to make a piece of fabric large enough to cut a pattern piece. These larger pieces were stitched together to make a quilt block. The quilt blocks were put together to make a quilt top. This method was used during hard times when money and fabric were scarce.

This quilt pattern is called Spider Web. It is made of 1930s fabrics and depression fabric reproductions. The quilting follows the web of the spider.

Amish quilt

Guidelines for this quilt are rooted in the religious and communal beliefs of the Amish. Only solid color fabrics appear on the quilt top. The quilting is usually fine patterns and is a distinct feature when large areas of plain fabric are used. Characterized by solid colors and bold geometry, Midwestern Amish quilts use a limited palate with dark color backgrounds in a rectangular quilt shape.

This quilt uses the plain fabrics in a varying pinwheel pattern.

Quilt in the Gee's Bend style

This quilt is made in the style of the Gee's Bend quilts, showing the different elements that make such a quilt. The pattern is “Snail’s Trail,” one that the Freedom Quilting Bee sold early on in its inception.

The edges show how the quilt is self-bound.

Art quilt

The most modern of quilt forms. The rules of quilting are generally disregarded. Quilts can be like abstract paintings or other varieties of modern art. Fabric is generally the base, but many types of embellishments, dyes, paints, and trims can be added for texture and detail

This quilt is called “Can’t Sleep,” with two eyeballs looking at each other in the dark.

The fabrics are had dyed, with an overly of WWII mosquito netting.



Quilt images courtesy of Tinwood Media | All other photographs courtesy Jim Peppler, 1966, all rights reserved