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Primary Sources


Glaspell, Susan. Trifles . New York: Cambridge University Press, 1987. Trifles is a play based
upon the short story A Jury of Her Peers. The play Trifles online

Fiction on Quilts

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general information on Louisa May Alcott

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online text of short story

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Jury of Her Peers online

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interview with SPARK
look for poems and quilts on this page

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interview with Otto

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pocket books site

Film on Gee's Bend and on Quilters

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Images: Quilters and Quilts

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tinwood web site

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Primary Literature on Collecting, Consumption, or Museum Culture

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digital text collection

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book information

Oral Histories, Personal Essays, and Interviews

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web site on the quilting bee

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web site on Ferris
one of Warner's quilts

Quilt images courtesy of Tinwood Media | All other photographs courtesy Jim Peppler, 1966, all rights reserved