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   You can apply for admission by completing the following steps:

1) Send the following information to the or mail directly to the Physics Department at:
                                            Physics Department
                                            Attn: Graduate Applications
                                            206 Allison Lab
                                            Auburn University
                                            Auburn, AL 36849

      a) Undergraduate or graduate transcripts

      b) Cover letter, including statement of interest and resume.

      c) 3 letters of recommendation addressed to Graduate Admissions Committee.  There is no form for these letters.  

      d) For non-native English speakers and international applicants, please submit TOEFL scores.*

2) Have General GRE scores sent to Auburn University.*  We do not require subject specific GRE scores.

*At time of application, unofficial GRE and TOEFL scores are accepted.  However, official scores are required for final admission.


The admissions committee will begin reviewing complete applications in January of each year for the upcoming academic year that begins August 15.  In general the Department will not accept mid-year applications, but some exceptions may apply.  Inquire at

Once we have received your application material, we will invite qualified domestic students to visit our campus at our expense.   

Last Updated: 10/11/2017