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Mass Spectrometry Center

The MSC provides analytical services that involve mass spectrometric techniques through the performance, interpretation, design and optimization of experiments upon request.  LC/MS performs quick data acquisition and automated injection for the following purposes:  (1) small molecule mass and structural analysis, (2) protein identification/MW, (3) peptide/protein micro sequencing, (4) peptide mapping, (5) protein modification, (6) shotgun proteomics (1D-SDS/rUPLC), and (7) purity assessment with UPLC. GC/MS analysis with fast data acquisition rates and automated workflow features high-sensitivity, high-resolution, and exact-mass measurement in applications on (8) GC chromatography of volatile/semi volatile SM, (9) structural analysis of SM with EI library search, and (10) quantitative analysis with capillary GC.


LC/MS (Waters® Acquity UPLC™ and Q-Tof Premier™) UPLC is used for separation of molecules at ultra high pressure. Q-Tof Premier Mass Spectrometer is a hybrid quadrupole, orthogonal acceleration time-of-flight mass spectrometer. UPLC/Q-Tof enables automated exact mass measurement of precursor and fragment ions. Data acquisition time is short.

GCT Premier

GC/MS (Waters GCT Premier)The GCT Premier™ is a bench top orthogonal acceleration time-of-flight (oa-TOF) mass spectrometer. GC/MS has a variety of inlet, ion source and software options for analysis of volatiles.

MSC Collaborative Research

MSC provides collaborative assistance to PIs in collection of preliminary data, preparation of proposals and publication of manuscripts. Our contributions involve consultation, data analysis, and the preparation and review of manuscripts. We provide letters of support to PIs that describe the instrumentation and capabilities of the MSC.

Mass Spectrometry Center
172 Chemistry Building
Melissa Boersma
(334) 844-6911

Last Updated: 01/31/2017