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Proceeds from the sale of Auburn University license plates in Alabama help to fund scholarships. Do you show your spirit by sporting the Auburn tag on your car or motorcycle? If so, then you've made a difference in a young person's life, as more than $16 million has been raised for scholarships since the program’s inception. Thank you for your support and War Eagle!


Graphic of Auburn University license plate for Alabama.


The Auburn tag features six characters, giving fans many options for personalization and is available for cars and motorcycles. The tag is $55 (for first-time purchasers) plus the regular state vehicle fee of $24.25 from local tag offices throughout the state. Tag renewals for subsequent years of the same design and characters will be $50 in addition to the normal tag cost. There's no extra cost to personalize your tag, so go on, be creative in six characters (letters and/or numbers) or less. Reserve a personalized tag onlineFind the Motor Vehicle and Tag Official in your county.


Graphic of Auburn University license plate for Georgia


Show your Auburn Spirit on the road with the newly designed Auburn license plate in the state of Georgia. The "Auburn Club" license plate can be ordered at your county tax commissioner's tag office. When renewing online, it is also available in the full tag list under the "Special Interest" plates. This tag can be ordered at any county tag office in the state. However, there will be NO physical plates in the offices. The state says these plates are being issued "on demand" - this means that when you order the tag and pay your fees, you will be issued a temporary plate. Your new Auburn specialty plate will be sent to your home within an expected 7 business days. You can order the tag before your renewal date; you will still have to pay other fees (ad valorem etc.) at the time of your actual renewal period.  The funds from the tag sales go to the State Treasury. If you currently have the previous Auburn tag, the state advises that there is NO mandatory tag replacement at this time, so if you wish to keep your old plate, you may. Should that guidance change, the Georgia DMV will let you know. If, however, you do want the new tag, you will need to order it. The state-issued "TZ" designation that is on the old plates will not be on these new tags. The new digitally printed tags feature three random letters and three random numbers, so these will be random combinations on every plate. Unfortunately, personal vanity plates are not possible, as the state of Georgia does not allow vanity plates (personal letter/number combinations) for this tag.


Graphic of Auburn University license plate for Maryland.


Auburn fans living in Maryland can now sport the new Auburn tag on their vehicles. The tag design includes the interlocking AU logo, Auburn University, and the letters WE, representing "War Eagle." To obtain an Auburn tag, you must first request an application by emailing your name and mailing address to An Auburn representative will mail you the application (the applications are not available through the MVA). Once you receive the application,  take it to the Maryland Vehicle Administration to get the tag. Cost is $25. You will not be able to obtain an Auburn tag unless you have the application with you when you visit the MVA.


Graphic of Auburn University license plate for Mississippi AUBURN TAGS IN MISSISSIPPI

Auburn tags are available in Mississippi, thanks to the efforts of the Central MS Auburn Club. Visit the state's Department of Revenue site to view available tags.


Graphic of Auburn University license plate for North Carolina


Tags are now available in North Carolina, thanks to the hard work of the Auburn Charlotte Club. A portion of the proceeds from future Auburn tag sales (after the initial 300) will benefit scholarships for Auburn students from North Carolina. You can create your own personalized plate. For more information, visit the NC DMV site at this link, contact the club via email at or visit them on Facebook (Charlotte Auburn Club).


Graphic of Auburn University license plate for South Carolina


Thanks to the Palmetto Auburn Club (Upstate of South Carolina) for working so hard to create the new SC Auburn University tag available from the SC DMV! Up to 94% of the fees collected from the sale of each tag will go to the South Carolina License to Learn Scholarship Endowment Fund; it provides freshmen scholarships to students from South Carolina. Visit the club's web site for details on how to order your tag.  Visit the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles website.


Graphic of Auburn University license plate for Tennessee


Visit the Tennessee DMV website for more information about purchasing your Auburn tag!


Graphic of Auburn University license plate for Texas


All you Lone Star state residents can now proudly boast the best lookin' tag in the state of Texas, the new Auburn tag. The tag features the interlocking AU logo, an orange and blue border, Auburn University and War Eagle! A portion of the sales proceeds will be used to award Auburn scholarships to Texas students. So, not only will you be sporting a great tag on your vehicles, you'll be helping to welcome new students to the Auburn Family. Visit to order yours.


Graphic of Auburn University license plate for Virginia


Visit the Virginia DMV website for more information about purchasing your Auburn tag!


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Last updated: 04/18/2018