About the Tiger Card App

Auburn University students can access their dining meal plans though the scan-to-pay feature of the Tiger Card app at all on campus dining venues.

The Tiger Card app will show the same photo as the one on your physical Tiger Card. To activate the app, students must have at least one printed Tiger Card prior to utilizing scan-to-pay features at the on campus dining venues.

How to Download the App

  1. Download the app for your smartphone.
  2. Once installed, choose Auburn University as your institution and login using your Auburn University credentials (abc1234).
  3. After you have logged in with your Auburn University credentials, you will then set a 4-digit PIN that will provide an additional layer of security when accessing the app.

Remember, students must have at least one printed Tiger Card prior to activing their cards through the app.

Reporting Lost Tiger Cards with the App

Students can activate and deactivate their physical Tiger Cards through the Tiger Card mobile app. Once the app is open, select the three horizontal bars in the top right to reveal your menu bar. Simply select "I Lost my Card" or "I Found my Card" to activate and deactivate your physical Tiger Card. This is a free service that allows students to activate and deactivate their cards as much as needed. We encourage students to take advantage of this free service in each instance where they are unable to locate their Tiger Card.

When students deactivate their physical Tiger Card, the card will no longer work at any dining venue, or door entry point. Students will still have access to their dining plans via the mobile app scan-to-pay feature while the physical card is deactivated. If you are an on-campus resident and cannot locate your physical Tiger Card, you will need to have another card made in our office to access your residence hall.