Central - East Campus

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The Orange and Blue Line has two buses traveling the periphery and core of campus. This line departs Terrell Dining Hall beginning at 7 am and concluding at 6 pm during the fall and spring semesters; and beginning at 7 am and concluding at 5 pm during the summer semester. Approximate bus-stop times are based on 15-20 minute intervals. To determine your approximate total travel time, add the times between your origin and your destination.

StopStop Name(s) with Stop CodesTravel Time
1.Terrell Dining Hall (281) 0 min.
2.Leischuck Residence Hall (215)
Dunn Residence Hall
1 min.
3.South Donahue Residence Hall (269) 2 min.
4.Plainsman Park (121)
Wellness and Recreation Center
2 min.
5.AU Student Center (182)
Haley Center
2 min.
6.Lowder Business Building (218)
Shelby Center for Engineering Technology
6 min.
7.Ramsay Hall (127)
Biggin Hall
Textile Engineering Building
2 min.
8.RBD Library (257) 3 min.
9.Ag Hill (102)
Corley Hall
Duncan Hall
Upchurch Hall
1 min.
10.Mell Street at West Samford Avenue (232)
Miller Gorrie Center-Building Sciences
Fisheries and Life Sciences
1 min.
11.Goodwin Music Hall (180)
Telfair B. Peet Theatre
2 min.
12.Forestry and Wildlife Sciences (173) 3 min.
13.AU Medical Clinic (110) 2 min.
14.South Quad Deck (195)
AU Parking Services
OIT Building
2 min.
1.Terrell Dining Hall (281) 2 min.