Welcome to Parking Services!

The mission of Parking Services is to facilitate safe and convenient access to Auburn University while encouraging alternative modes of transportation.

Parking Services is responsible for:

  • implementation and enforcement of parking rules and regulations
  • sale of parking permits
  • compilation and publishing of parking regulations
  • collection of fines
  • transmittal of student fines to Student Financial Service

Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for answers to your questions. If you do not find the information you need, please contact our office.

Having trouble registering for your hang tag? For step by step instructions, visit How To Register For Your Parking Hang Tag

Hours of Operation

The Parking Services is located at the corner of Lem Morrison and Duncan Drive, in the South Quad Multi-Modal Parkng Deck. The hours of operation are from 7:15 am - 4:15 pm, Monday - Friday.  We are closed during all official Auburn University holidays.  Information pertaining to after hours / weekend release of towed or wheel locked vehicles can be found here .

For Your Information


If you acquire an additional vehicle or if the license plate number for your current vehicle changes, you must notify the Parking Services Office as soon as possible. Currently there is not a process for updating this information on-line. To update your registration information, you should e-mail parking@auburn.edu with the following information for your vehicle(s): your Banner ID, permit number, year, make, model, color and license plate number and state. If you no longer have a vehicle that was registered, you can send the information for that vehicle (make, model, color and old license plate number and state). We will then inactivate the vehicle on your records.

Annual Parking Permit Registration

Parking permit registration for faculty and staff begins on July 1st of each calendar year for the upcoming permit year.  On campus housing student and commuter student permit registration also begins on July 1st. Between April 15th and July 8th, students requiring a Summer permit must come to the Parking Services Office except for bicycle permits which you can register for the permit on-line and come to the Parking Services Office to pick the permit up. You may register for a parking permit by going to AU Access.  Click on the Tiger i tab and then click on the second link on the list (Parking Services Hang Tags and Tickets).  Students who live in on-campus housing and register before July 31st, will be able to pick up their permit on their scheduled move-in days at a location within the resident area they are moving into. Students who live off-campus and register on-line between July 1st and the Friday, a week before classes start, will be mailed their permit to the address specified at registration time. The type of permit they will receive depends on the results of the random drawing which is held on July 31st. Off-campus students who register after the Friday a week before classes start will pick up their permit at a designated location in the Student Center. Faculty and staff can register through AU Access and pick up the permit in the Parking Services Office, unless payroll deduction is selected as the form of payment.  If payroll deduction is chosen, the permit will be sent to you via campus mail up until one week prior to the start of Fall Semester classes.  After that, the permits must be picked up at the Parking Services Office. 

Bicycles must be registered

Bicycles must be registered by the second week of class for Fall and Spring Semester  After that time, any bicycle that is not registered or not properly chained to a bicycle rack will be removed and placed in our impound lot at the owner's expense. You may register your bicycle online, starting August 1st of each calendar year, by going to AU Access