Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Parking Services located?

Parking Services is located 330 Lem Morrison Drive.  The main office entrance is on the second level of the South Quad Parking Deck.  

I have a new vehicle and/or my license plate has changed, how do I update my information?

If you acquire an additional vehicle or if the license plate number for your current vehicle changes, you must notify the Parking Services Office as soon as possible. Currently there is not a process for updating this information on-line. To update your registration information, you should e-mail with the following information for your vehicle(s): your Banner ID, permit number, year, make, model, color and license plate number and state. If you no longer have a vehicle that was registered, you can send the information for that vehicle (make, model, color and old license plate number and state). We will then inactivate the vehicle on your records. If you are registering more than two vehicles, there is a $20 charge for every vehicle after the second registration. The Parking Services Office may request proof of registration on the additional vehicles for our records.

I am a guest on campus. Where can I park?

Guests should come by Parking Services to obtain proper parking permits. Appropriate parking areas will be identified at that time.
For your convenience, a drive thru window is located on the ground level of the Parking Services Office and guest parking permits may be obtained there.

You may also read or print information about Parking Rules.

You can also view the Parking Map.

I am not sure where I can park. How can I find out?

You can read or print online information about Parking Rules.
You can also view the Parking Map at our office.

Can I register my vehicle online?

Yes, online vehcle registration is required and is done via AU Access. If you need step by step instructions, visit our How To Register For Your Parking Hang Tag web page for more help.

How can I park in a Loading Zone?

Certain loading zones are limited based on the type of permit that is required. For example, the loading zones on Quad Drive can only be used by vehicles that have a permit belonging to a student that resides in the Quad Resident Halls. If you need to use a loading zone and you have a valid Auburn University permit, you may come to the Parking Services Office and we will issue you a temporary loading pass for one day for the area that you are loading/unloading at.

Why is my vehicle wheel locked/booted?

If you have two or more tickets without a valid current Auburn University permit or five or more tickets with a current valid Auburn University permit within the academic year; your vehicle will be wheel locked/booted. The count is for all tickets that the person has incurred; regardless of the vehicle or permit that they were incurred on. If you use another person's permit and they have exceeded the number of allowed tickets; your vehicle will be wheel locked/booted for displaying that permit.

My car is disabled, what can I do?

You can call the Parking Services Office and provide us with the vehicle information (make, model, color and license plate and state) along with the location. We will allow you up to 72 hours to have the vehicle moved without receiving a ticket. We may have to tow the vehicle to our impound lot depending on whether it is parked in a location that is impeding traffic or creating an accessibility problem.

My parking hang tag was lost or stolen. What should I do?

For lost or stolen hang tags, a report must be filed with the City of Auburn Police Department (501-3100). A new hang tag (fee charged) will be issued. If the hang tag is recovered, please notify the police.

I received a parking ticket and I feel it was a mistake. What should I do?

If you received a parking citation and feel that it was a mistake, you may appeal the ticket online at AU Access. In order to appeal a ticket, you must have a current parking hang tag and appeal within seven calendar days of date of violation.