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Kevin Robinson
Executive Director
Kevin Robinson
Monthly Newsletter
Case In Point:
Lessons for the pro-active manager
Vol. 6 No. 10

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month and annually we reference this event in Case in Point. In fact, throughout the year we routinely discuss IT and data security events in this publication due to the importance of the topic and the numerous risks involved with data and technology.

It is coincidental that Cybersecurity Awareness Month ends on the day of the year that throughout the country the phrase ''trick or treat'' will be uttered countless times. There are many ways we can be ''tricked'' cyber-wise and cause harm to ourselves and our institution's systems. One of these ways involves ''Phishing.'' We've discussed phishing at various times since this publication began but it continues to be a problem within higher education (and other organizations).

Phishing is simply a modern confidence game that attempts to get you to reveal certain information. AU's Office of Information Technology has some great resources and tips regarding phishing here at Take a look at this practical information and increase the odds you won't be tricked into providing information to someone with harmful intentions.

As you know though, there are many other risk areas where we can run into problems within higher education from areas as diverse as academic concerns as we saw reported recently at the University of North Carolina this month to how to deal with the potential of the Ebola virus on campus. We again invite you to review the stories that are being reported within our industry over the past month and think of ways you can help our institution proactively prevent problems.


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