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Kevin Robinson
Executive Director
Kevin Robinson
Monthly Newsletter
Case In Point:
Lessons for the pro-active manager
Vol. 7 No. 5

This month we continue our look back at the events that transpired in higher education during 2014 as linked here in Case in Point. This month we focus on the Compliance/Regulatory & Legal Category. As noted in our January issue, this category has been the largest in sheer number of stories linked in our publication for the past few years. The compliance burden within higher education has never been greater and therefore the associated risks are numerous and vigilance critical for all institutions.

The number of ways we can run into trouble from a compliance and legal standpoint are numerous and appears to be growing. The top 5 items in terms of frequency of stories we noted during 2014 for this category were:

  1. Sexual Assault (Title IX)
  2. Discrimination
  3. Campus Crime (non-sexual)
  4. Contract Litigation
  5. Termination Litigation

We've stated in past issues that Title IX is perhaps the top compliance issue facing higher education at the moment. This is an item so critical that it is part of our annual audit schedule for this year and one we are currently assessing. Discrimination, crime, and stories of litigation make routine appearances each month in Case in Point. We urge you to pay special attention to this category and consider whether there are risks that could use additional attention in your sphere of influence to prevent some problem or crisis.

We should also note that under some compliance mandates there is a ''duty to report'' when as an employee you become aware of a violation. This really is no different than the routine message we've conveyed in this publication for years which is ''if you see something that concerns you or you think could be a problem, let someone know.'' The person you report your concerns to could be your supervisor or specific compliance officer for the topic involved. If you are unsure of where to report your concern, always feel free to contact internal auditing and we can help you find the appropriate reporting channel. We live in a time where failing to report issues you become aware of can result in substantial problems for you and the institution.

We again invite you to review the events occurring in higher education and consider how you may help reduce risks and improve the odds of achieving objectives. As always we welcome your comments and feedback.


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