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Kevin Robinson
Executive Director
Kevin Robinson
Monthly Newsletter
Case In Point:
Lessons for the pro-active manager
Vol. 6 No. 11

I've heard it said that higher education faces more unique and diverse risks than any other industry. As you read the stories linked here each month there certainly seems to be an argument for that viewpoint.

Recently on one higher education risk-related listserv the question was asked, ''Do you have a policy on pillow fights?'' I doubt there are many other industries that run into risks as unique as those from pillow fights. I have to admit that even though I've considered and evaluated risk extensively in my career, I've never really thought about the pillow fight topic or the risks that activity can actually bring.

We've frequently discussed how compliance risks have grown substantially the past few years in higher education. Just today the Chronicle of Higher Education tweeted a link to a story on Title IX they originally published back this summer. This story describes the evolution of Title IX and how it went from a law dealing with gender equity to ''now being interpreted to require colleges to investigate and resolve students' reports of rape, determining whether their classmates are responsible for assault and, if so, what the punishment should be. That is the case whether or not an alleged victim decides to report the incident to the police.'' This is just one area where the compliance burden has changed dramatically since the original law was passed in 1972. This article provides an excellent overview of how this change occurred.

While not all laws have expanded to the degree of Title IX, there are few (if any) instances where our responsibilities have decreased. This makes the need for proactive risk assessment and management even more important. We again invite you to review the wide world of risks within higher education, and more importantly, to consider whether your area of influence has high risk items that deserve attention before problems occur.


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