Educational Opportunities for Employees

University Courses for employees*:

The University's Employee Educational Improvement Benefit affords full-time regular employees the opportunity to take up to five credit hours of resident courses per academic term and receive a waiver of some or all of the fees associated with that attendance. New full-time regular employees are immediately eligible for a waiver of the registration fee, and full-time regular employees with one year's employment receive an additional waiver of tuition charges for up to five credit hours.

To find out more details about the Employee Educational Improvement Benefit, go to this site:



These are the steps to follow to take advantage of this program:

1. Inform your supervisor of your desire to take University courses and obtain his/her permission to attend classes during the regular work day.

2. Take the necessary steps to become a student.

3. Register for classes only one week (seven days) before the first day of classes.

Questions about this policy should be referred to Human Resources (844-4145). Enquiries about bills for class attendance should be directed to the Student Financial Services Office (844-4634). For more detailed information, see the Employees as Students web page.


University courses for employee family members:
Dependents and Family Members Educational Assistance*

Dependents and spouses of full-time regular employees are eligible for a 50 percent remission of tuition for resident courses offered at the University.

Dependent eligibility is based on the dependent meeting the eligibility requirements for health insurance coverage under the University's health insurance plan: that is, the determination of dependency for educational assistance follows the same criteria that one must meet in order to be eligible for dependent health care coverage. This does not mean that the employee must have health insurance for the dependent but that the dependent must meet those health insurance eligibility requirements in order to receive this educational assistance.

To become eligible, employees must submit an application for qualifying spouses and dependents to the Office of Student Financial Aid, 203 Martin Hall, no later than the first class day of the academic term for which the waiver of tuition is desired. This form is only submitted once, and there are no limits on the number of terms that the student can attend. Copies of the Employee Dependent Tuition Remission Form can be found at

* AU employees may take AUM courses, and the dependents of AU employees are eligible for the 50% tuition waiver for the dependent's attendance at AUM; however, the AU employee must complete and submit either the AUM "Employee Tuition Waiver" form or the "Dependent Tuition Waiver" form for the appropriate program.

Note: Employees applying for admission to the University are eligible for a waiver of the undergraduate and graduate admission application fee. To receive the waiver of the undergraduate fee, employees should submit the online admission application,, up to the point of the application fee payment; then deliver a copy of the faculty/staff ID card to Admission Processing, 108 Mary Martin Hall. After a copy of the faculty/staff ID card is received, Admission Processing will complete and submit the application on behalf of the employee. To receive the waiver of the graduate fee, employees should go to and click "Apply Online." When the application is complete except for payment, employees should not pay; instead to have the application fee waived, employees must email with the application reference number. This fee waiver is for the faculty/staff member only; it is not extended to spouses and dependents. Questions about the undergraduate fee can be directed to Admission Processing at (334) 844-6429; questions about the graduate fee can be directed to the Graduate School at 844-4700

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