Auburn University Senate
September 19, 2017, 3:30

Broun Hall is still under construction. Access to Room 238 is limited. Please refer to the following instructions for means of access.  Questions may be sent to Daniel Svyantek.

Broun 238 will remain open during the Fall 2017 semester. The main front entrance to Broun Hall (across from Foy to the east) will be closed during the renovation. Access to 238 Broun Hall for Senate and General Faculty meetings will be through the south side of the building concourse between Thach Hall and Broun Hall with signs indicating the entrances.

Shortly after 3 p.m. the single door (door faces east) with the ramp to the south side concourse can be propped open.


Approval of minutes for meeting of August 22, 2017

Remarks and Announcements
Provost:                                    Timothy Boosinger

University Senate Chair:           Daniel Svyantek

Action Items
1. Senate Vote on Members of Senate Committees

Presenter: Donald Mulvaney, University Senate Secretary
Nominees for Senate Committees

2. Proposed change to Faculty Handbook 2.1.2, Senate Constitution, Article 4 Section 3,
Curriculum Committee Composition

Presenter: James Goldstein, University Senate Immediate Past Chair
proposed change to CC (word)

Pending Action Item
Student Learning Outcome Revisions

Presenters: James Shelley, Philosophy, Constance Relihan, Associate Provost for Undergraduate Studies, and Megan Good, Director, Academic Assessment
presentation (ppt)

Information Items
1. Making PIL applications simpler

Presenter: Amanda Malone, Director, Provost Budget Services
professional improvement leave updates (pdf)

2. CyberSecurity and Faculty

Presenter: James O’Conner, Chief Information Officer, Auburn University
cyber security (ppt)

Unfinished Business               
Daniel Svyantek, Senate Chair

New Business                         Daniel Svyantek, Senate Chair

Adjournment                          Daniel Svyantek, Senate Chair