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State Fiscal Stabilization Funds Disclosure
In order to continue receiving Auburn's portion of the State Fiscal Stabilization Funds, and to increase transparency and accountability in state government, Governor Riley signed Executive Order No. 46 in February 2009 requiring the creation of a publicly accessible website that details all spending by state government. The collection and posting of data is managed by the Department of Finance. Beginning in fiscal year 2010 each institution of higher education is required to begin posting monthly all expenditures made by the institution. Auburn University has posted its expenditures at the website below. It includes all check and wire transfer payments that do not include information that is confidential to anyone's payroll deductions, HIPPA or FERPA related information, or any other information that is subject to prohibitions by state and/or federal law/regulations. Annual, budgeted salary totals are presented in a separate file from the fiscal year to date vendor transactions:
The Annual Report files are very large pdf documents that require many resources to open and view.

NOTE: If you have trouble viewing these reports, try one of the following:
  • Right click the report's link and choose one of the following depending on your browser:
      ·  Firefox: Choose "Save Link As".
      ·  Windows Internet Explorer: Choose "Save Target As".
      ·  Chrome: Choose "Save Link As".
        Save the file to your computer and try opening it from the
        saved location.

  • Close all open applications and reboot your computer. Then, retry opening the file. This action should free up the resources required to open a large pdf file.
To request a paper version of the reports, please contact:
Jennifer Lashey,
(334) 844-5588
126 Ingram Hall
Auburn, AL 36849

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  • Annual Report - year ending September 30, 2006
    The Comprehensive Annual Financial Report provides a wide variety of financial information. An Introductory Section and Financial Section present a complete view of Auburn University's financial status.

  • 990-T
    Reports unrelated business income tax.


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