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Month End Reports

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The following reports should be reviewed at month end as part of your initial review of available balances for your unit. Each report is available in e~Print following month end close.

  • FZRBDSC/FGRBDSC - BUDGET STATUS REPORT: These reports display adjusted budget, current and year-to-date activity, budget reservations, and the available balance for each fund-org combination. Information on the FGRBDSC can be retrieved using an individual fund or organization or by a range of funds or organizations. The new FZRBDSC will allow the user to extract by organizational hierarchy enhancing the opportunity to pull for a college, department or individual organization.

  • FZRODTA - DAILY TRANSACTIONS: This report is run on a monthly basis following close. The report shows the detailed activity by account in fund-organization order for the current month, providing total allocation year-to-date. This report will support activity noted in the FZRBDSC current month activity column and can be retrieved using an individual fund or organization.

  • FZRFATE - POTENTIAL ERROR REPORT: This report will assist the user in the identification of potential fund-organization combination errors. The report uses the fund attribute to determine if a potential error has occurred. The report will also identify errors which exist between divisions. This report will not identify errors associated with unrestricted funds (base, soft, ICRE or cost share). The report information can be retrieved using the organizational hierarchy. All users should view the divisional pages located at the front of the report. Corrections should be made using the appropriate University form.

  • FZODOS1 - DEPARTMENTAL OPERATING SUMMARY: This report was created to provide a snapshot of fund-org operating available balances and fund balances to management. The report is sorted by fund type (unrestricted, contracts & grants, other restricted, plant R&R). The report should be extracted using the organizational hierarchy. A data dump is available by fund type.

  • FZODOS2 - DEPARTMENTAL RESEARCH SUMMARY: This report was created to provide a snapshot of research cost share and grant balances to Research management. The report is sorted showing all cost share, then contracts and grant funds by organizational hierarchy.

  • FZRREMM - REVENUE/EXPENSES MONTH BY MONTH: This report will provide the user with month over month revenues and expenses by account within a specific fund-organization combination. The user should extract the report using the organizational hierarchy. This report can be used to assist units in trending, forecasting and error identification.

  • FZRREMC - REVENUE/EXPENSES MONTH BY COLLEGE: This is a summary report by college, providing revenue and expenses by account classification within the college. This report is ideal for a Dean or Financial Manager who would like to look at revenues and expenditures by classification summarized for their college or unit.

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